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The Travel Edit #2: Solo Travelling: Bruges, Brussels & The Belgian Coast

Welcome to the next of my travel edits - solo travelling in Belgium. 
I have never travelled solo before. In fact I was late to travelling having very rarely left the country as a child and not having the opportunity to travel in my early twenties. So when I had a few days spare between placements on my course and my husband being tied down with work I set about finding somewhere I wanted to see, on my own. Initially I settled on travelling the Amalfi coast, but the thought of organising hire cars and ferries gave me more stress than I needed. So I started thinking about destinations I could reach via a simple trip on the Eurostar. Bruges was one of the first destinations that popped up and I'd seen such pretty images of the Belgian town, but I had no idea what Bruges really had  to offer. A bit of Pinterest searching later I was set on Bruges and booked my tickets. Now really I should have spent a bit more time researching, as I booked 3 nights and 4 days, which turned out to be…

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