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The Personal Edit #3: The Borough Market Terror Attack

Warning - this post and the pictures included may be upsetting, particularly for those who were involved or knew someone involved in the Borough Market Terror Attack.

This post follows on from my last, so you may want to read that first to get some context here. We had been enjoying a wonderful day staying at The Shangri-La Hotel in The Shard to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had planned to go for dinner somewhere in Borough Market, but after a delicious afternoon tea at TING we decided to take some snacks back to the room to enjoy the view. This decision may have saved our lives.
I was sat at our window admiring the view over London, using the binoculars they provide in the room to pick out particular landmarks I love in our city. Something caught my eye just below us and I noticed a group of police cars with flashing lights around a pub called The Southwark Tavern. Being nosey, I watched for a while and it seemed to be some sort of low level fight or argument and soon the ac…

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