Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Hey Everyone...

Just a quick post tonight! I am watching 'The Boy In Striped Pyjamas' and I don't want to miss it.

This morning we went to IKEA to stock up on frames for the craft fair. The first one was used to frame my retro button heart artwork...

We also picked up some pretty lace curtains to finally cover our open built in wardrobe! We picked up some net curtain wire to hang it. We also had to trim the bottom meaning I have some lovely left over lace, any suggestions what I could make with it?

I also finally got some frames for some retro postcards I bought in Brighton on my weekend away. Here they are in the white frames added to our bathroom wall. I need some smaller, odd frames to add to the wall to give it more character!

The fiance also fixed our bedroom floor which was starting to warp again as the expansion gap wasn't big enough again!

I hope you like! I have been crafting too - starting to create some noticeboards for the craft fair which I will show you very soon! 

Have a lovely weekend!

Jewel x

Monday, 29 August 2011


Hey Everyone...

Hope you have all had a lovely long weekend! I have had a nice weekend, even better knowing that we still have the rest of the week off to relax too!

I thought you'd like you know that the apple pie was a success! It tasted great, despite all the problems with the pastry, and my dad loved it...

Quarter Gone Straight Away

I had a lovely day with the family yesterday celebrating my Dad's birthday, we went out for a lovely meal at lunch time. Saturday night was lovely too, an old school friend came over and we went for a yummy meal and to the cinema in Camden. She surprised me with these lovely little handbag notes from Past Times...

Pretty Handbag Notes

We went to see 'One Day' which was fantastic (despite Anne Hathaway's patchy accent). I hadn't read the book and so was surprised at times, and very sad by the end of it! I have made it my mission to find a second hand copy of the book as I loved the film. I am a glutton for punishment though, as I know it will make me cry!

Today was dedicated to a past time I love but rarely get to engage in! Car booting! In fact we went to three today and got a pretty good haul, despite the cold weather...

Lovely Old Singers Were Everywhere

Pretty Pastel Mixing Jug & Measuring Cups - £2.40 The Lot!

Ikea Frames For My Bathroom Collection - 50p The Pair

Pretty Rose Hook - 50p Brand New In Packet

Lacy Rose Pattern Tablecloth - 50p For The Craftfair Table

Cork Boards - 50p, 50p & 20p - One For Display & 2 To Sell At The Craftfair

And here is the hook proudly displaying my aprons in the kitchen - perfect place!

And the fiance bought this lovely antique looking standard lamp for only £1.50! It needs a little polishing and the plug needed replacing - but the fiance did it in a flash and it looks lovely!

Sorry about the mess underneath!

So all in all a pretty good haul! I plan to cover the cork boards in fabric and ribbon to make them into pretty noticeboards to sell at the craft fair! Just need to get down to it now! But maybe after the rest of the week off!

Jewel x

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saturday Baking...

Hey Everyone...

Well the start of our staycation hasn't been as relaxing as I would have hoped. We still had to do our weekly shop, and as soon as we got back it was down to baking!

I had decided to bake an apple pie for my dad as a birthday treat, but boy did I underestimate how difficult it would be. I used a recipe from the original Hummingbird Bakery book, which, as I love the new book, I thought would be fairly simple and foolproof.

How wrong I was! The basic pie crust was a pain to make. It just wouldn't stick together and the recipe specifically said not to add more water, just to beat at a high speed. After ages of beating with my mixer, I decided I would just have to add a little more water. It finally just about stuck and I left it to rest for an hour.

In the meantime I had to peel and core 12 apples. As I'm not an apple eater and very rarely peel fruit or veg this was a long and painful task. I finally got there, but then had to soften the apples in a saucepan. The recipe called for a large saucepan, which I have, but the twelve sliced apples just wouldn't fit, which made me panic I was going to have another jam incident. Eventually, I managed to soften them.

The next issue was rolling out the pastry - one it kept cracking, two there just wasn't enough! After adding lots more water (against my better judgement) it finally stayed together, but I still had to do lots of hole plugging with bits of pastry making it all look very amateur. I had the same problem with the top - and no where near enough pastry to make some nice decorations like in the recipe. Still I finally got there!

I must admit I did have a melt down with the pastry - stamping and screaming and sitting on the floor like a child - when baking goes wrong all hell breaks loose!

At least I managed to salvage it...

Before Baking...

Before Baking...

Fresh From The Oven...

A Little Messy....
It's a little messy, but definately homemade, which I know my Dad will appreciate! I just hope it tastes good.

I also made some rocky road as a tester before the craft fair in October, where I am planning to sell little bags of treats! I used Nigella's recipe, but again had trouble! It called for far too many biscuits and not enough chocolate!

It tastes pretty damn good though! I will just slightly adjust the recipe for next time! I am planning 3 big chunks per bag! Any suggestions on how many bags to make and how much to charge for them!?

Right got to rush off, my friend will be here soon and we're off out to dinner and the cinema in Camden! Have a good weekend everyone!

Jewel x

Friday, 26 August 2011

Staycation Commences...

Hey Everyone...

I'm so sorry! I still don't have what I need to show you our special day on Sunday but hopefully soon! I hope it is worth the wait!

In the meantime I wanted to show you a few bits and pieces I picked up today that have put a smile on my face...

Vintage book for the wedding

This will join 3 others in a pile wrapped with pretty ribbon, next to our postbox at the wedding - an idea I saw in a magazine and just loved!

Wax Kits for Tea Cups
These arrived in the post today! My wax kits, ready to make tea cup candles for the craft fair I told you about! I just need some old saucepans to melt the wax in!

Two Lovely Jars for £2

I found these lovelies in the charity shop this afternoon - but I'm rather annoyed as I had been searching for jars and finding none in the charity shops and now there are loads - but I've already bought lots! Always the way.

Did you want to see what the jars are for?

I was inspired by another blogger (Victoria I believe) to makeover the cupboard under the sink! Mine is no where near as lovely as hers, but I am slowly getting there!

Oooo and I have exciting news! Well I think it's exciting! I have discovered a vintage emporium, just up the road, in fact a short walk from my work! It's full of loveliness, I could have spent ages looking around, and lots of money. The most exciting part is that they had the beautiful Royal Albert Old Country Roses china in stock! I managed to get these two tea cup trios for just £10 - WHAT A BARGAIN!

I might have to go back for more, especially as they also had a 'tea with alice' set which I already have some of for the wedding!

I want to stroke them...

In all their pretty loveliness

My little collection
(not including two tea cups with cake plate saucers that I'm saving for the wedding)

Sorry I will stop obsessing now! Lastly, I wanted to show you my latest read! The lovely fiance bought me this book with the last of his amazon vouchers he had from Christmas as I have been wanting it for ages and waiting for it to come back into the library. Well now I don't have to wait...

I can't wait to get stuck in, and to see the lovely recipes I've heard so much about.

Well all this loveliness is extra sweet as I am now off work for over a week. The fiance and I have taken next week and the following Monday off to have a staycation. Not just staying in England, but pretty much staying at home and relaxing together, which is well needed.

We do have a few plans...

I'm seeing a friend tomorrow for dinner and the movies and she's stopping over, then out for lunch on Sunday with the family to celebrate my Dad's birthday (which is today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!).

On Monday the fiance has agreed to take me car booting. Wednesday the fiance has another gig at The Horn in St.Albans (if you live locally please come along!). Thursday we have a very lovely dinner booked at Flemings Hotel in Mayfair including 4 courses and cocktails.

Friday we are off to Alton Towers, staying over in Nottingham, before looking at bridesmaids dresses on Saturday.

And finally on Monday we are going to see the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition at Somerset House (where I've never been before).

*Phew* and there was me thinking we'd have time to relax lol!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Jewel x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hey Everyone...

Sorry to disappoint, but that special blog about Sunday will have to wait a little longer as I still don't have all I need to show you! Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

In the meantime I thought I would show you some progress is making stock for the craft fair...

Lots of gift tags to be sold in sets of 4

Scrabble Cufflinks

I have lots more still to make but it felt good to get started! I also wanted to show you my progress so far with my crochet granny squares for my first ever blanket...

Lots more still to make... I'm now thinking 8 x 8 is too small!? What would you suggest?

Jewel x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Exciting News...

Hey Everyone...

Guess what!? I finally took the plunge! Can you guess what I'm doing?


A craft fair! Yep I have booked my first ever stall at the Vintage Tea Party & Gift Fair at the Boogaloo in North London on Saturday 1st October!

After all the lovely comments on my last blog post about my folksy items I decided to scale up and also try some new things, and to show them at the fair!

I have been to the fair a few times and even enquired back in June about a stall but have been lazy and putting it off. Well now I have thrown myself into the deep end and will need to get down to it in making lots of lovely stock to sell.

To help promote myself and the stall at the fair I also decided to start a facebook page - Pretty Little Jewels and create a dedicated email address - prettylittlejewels@hotmail.co.uk

What a busy evening eh! I have even made a list of all the products I want to make and sell and all the supplies I will need - now I just need to get moving and making!

Wish me luck!


P.S. If you could spread the word about this fantastic fair, and my facebook page and even indeed 'like' it yourself I would be forever grateful!

As you can see there is a new box on the top right of my blog that makes it very easy for you just to tap that little 'like' button!

Monday, 22 August 2011


Hey Everyone...

Yes tonight's blog will just be shameless plug of my folksy shop - Pretty Little Jewels

I have recently added lots of new things so I wanted to show you all, I hope you like...

Button Rings - £1.49 each (various designs)

Tea Time Necklaces - £3.50 each (various designs)

Scrabble Cufflinks - £3.49 a pair (all letters available)

Scrabble Frame - £24.99 (up to 15 tiles)

Badge Heart Frame - £20

Heart Felt Brooches - £1.50 each

Personalised Bunting - £13.99 (up to 6 letters)

Mini Scrabble Word Frame - £19.99 (up to 15 tiles)

Scrabble Ring - £1.90 (any letter available)
Mini Scrabble Gift Tag - 99p (up to 3 tiles)

Set of 4 Button Gift Tags - £1.75

Personalised Lyric Word Frame - £40 (fully personalisable)

Button Heart Frame - £20 (any colour theme)

Personalised Vintage Recipe Cards (Set of 4) - £3.99 (Bulk Discount)

Well that's all for now! I hope you liked the tour of my shop! I have much more to add as soon as I have a chance to do more crafting! 

Please let me know if you have comments, suggestions or ideas! I would really appreciate them, especially if you are a more experienced folksy seller!

Jewel x