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Hey Everyone...

Just a quick post this morning before my nice relaxing day! Shame the weather isn't nice for P.Y.O. but I'm determined to go anyway!

Thank you for the jam suggestions - I have found a simple recipe, but am still debating whether to try making it in a normal saucepan (as I'm cheap and don't want to spend money on an expensive preserving pan!) and I need to get some jars before I can start!

As a few of you have asked about the tutorial I used for making my granny square I thought I would share it all with you here - Crochet A Granny Square

You need to also follow lessons 2, 3 and 4 to create a whole granny square, but it takes you through step-by-step. It does get faster towards the end, but you should have the hang of it by then. Good luck everyone!

I also just wanted to share about seeing 'Rise of The Planet of The Apes' last night...

I thought I would enjoy the film because of the scientific, dementia research element, which I did. It was a very good movie, with a great story line, good attention to detail, and pretty good effects. However, I was pretty much horrified throughout the whole film.

I couldn't watch, I was crying, I was ready to get up and leave it was so upsetting. I think because I feel so strongly about animal rights, and because I work with (and have personal experience) of dementia I found the whole thing too upsetting. I think this plays testament to the writing and how true to life the filmmakers have made the movie, but I was devastated.

I would recommend the film and if you have no experience of dementia or don't feel strongly about animal rights you will probably enjoy the film for what it is, a very good action/science fiction film. But if you are like me, take a second thought, maybe wait to watch it at home, or just be prepared to be upset!

I'm doubly upset that although it is very accurate in terms of cruelty to animals (and indeed those living with or around dementia) I do not feel the film will make much difference in terms of awareness or action against this.... But I hope I am wrong!

I hope I haven't put a downer on your Saturday morning, but I just wanted to share!

Anyway.... I'm off to P.Y.O. and do some crafting! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Jewel x


  1. Great to discover you! Am now following you too!
    Thanks for your message on my blog.
    And for all your entries!
    Glad you like all of juicy lucy's pretties!
    Take care for now,

  2. This sounds so sad, I wasn't sure whether I would like this film or not, after reading this I think I may give it a miss. I used to work in a dementia home so think it may be a bit too close to home to enjoy this really, thanks for sharing though. I look forward to hearing about your visit to the PYO xxxx

  3. O.M.G! i learnt the granny square from the same video too! then she has the video also for joining it, totally helpful and in detailed so it's easy to learn and follow! i too have a strong feeling on animals right so im not sure if i wanted to watch the movie, i cried the whole time when i was watching "Hachi" the dog that starred richard gere but actually a true story movie...but anyway enjoy crafting! x susan

  4. I suppose it would have been better if it was'nt a prequel, we could then see why the apes were how they were in Planet of the Apes. I remember in the original they experimented on the humans.

    Not sure whether I would see it now, too close for comfort? Perhaps at home in the future.

  5. WOW sounds like the film certainly provokes some emotion!

    Victoria x


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