Saturday Baking...

Hey Everyone...

Well the start of our staycation hasn't been as relaxing as I would have hoped. We still had to do our weekly shop, and as soon as we got back it was down to baking!

I had decided to bake an apple pie for my dad as a birthday treat, but boy did I underestimate how difficult it would be. I used a recipe from the original Hummingbird Bakery book, which, as I love the new book, I thought would be fairly simple and foolproof.

How wrong I was! The basic pie crust was a pain to make. It just wouldn't stick together and the recipe specifically said not to add more water, just to beat at a high speed. After ages of beating with my mixer, I decided I would just have to add a little more water. It finally just about stuck and I left it to rest for an hour.

In the meantime I had to peel and core 12 apples. As I'm not an apple eater and very rarely peel fruit or veg this was a long and painful task. I finally got there, but then had to soften the apples in a saucepan. The recipe called for a large saucepan, which I have, but the twelve sliced apples just wouldn't fit, which made me panic I was going to have another jam incident. Eventually, I managed to soften them.

The next issue was rolling out the pastry - one it kept cracking, two there just wasn't enough! After adding lots more water (against my better judgement) it finally stayed together, but I still had to do lots of hole plugging with bits of pastry making it all look very amateur. I had the same problem with the top - and no where near enough pastry to make some nice decorations like in the recipe. Still I finally got there!

I must admit I did have a melt down with the pastry - stamping and screaming and sitting on the floor like a child - when baking goes wrong all hell breaks loose!

At least I managed to salvage it...

Before Baking...

Before Baking...

Fresh From The Oven...

A Little Messy....
It's a little messy, but definately homemade, which I know my Dad will appreciate! I just hope it tastes good.

I also made some rocky road as a tester before the craft fair in October, where I am planning to sell little bags of treats! I used Nigella's recipe, but again had trouble! It called for far too many biscuits and not enough chocolate!

It tastes pretty damn good though! I will just slightly adjust the recipe for next time! I am planning 3 big chunks per bag! Any suggestions on how many bags to make and how much to charge for them!?

Right got to rush off, my friend will be here soon and we're off out to dinner and the cinema in Camden! Have a good weekend everyone!

Jewel x


  1. It's looks pretty darn scrummy to me!! Well done for managing to get there after all the stress. I've been making jam tarts myself today. :-)

    Ashley xxx

  2. Despite the problems that apple pie looks delicious. xxx

  3. Apple pie is my favourite... is there any left?!

    Victoria xx


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