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Hey Everyone,

Quick blog this morning before I head off to work for another week! Luckily next week is our week off, where we are having a staycation - and I mean staycation - we're literally staying at home, maybe with one or two days trips. But It's just what I need at the moment, time to stop and relax!

Anyway I wanted to show you a few pictures I remembered to take on my phone (my camera batteries keep dying) whilst in Windsor on Saturday with my lovely Maid of Honour Emma...

View up to the castle from the park by the river

The summer big wheel
It was so lovely to catch up with Emma. She is very busy what with working different shifts at work and studying with the Open University. Plus she lives quite far away. So when we get a whole day together we make the most of it. We spent lots of time talking and catching up on our lives, we even fit in some lovely wedding planning.

She finally got to see our wedding venue and luckily loved it! It's got me all excited for the big day and I just cannot wait!

Another thing that got me excited was the Cath Kidston store, which has opened up it's top floor into a fabric showroom, I was in heaven...

But guess what!? I restrained myself and didn't buy ANYTHING! Not even the beautiful bundle of fat quarters! *sigh* one day!

Just in case you were interested in our big day - you can visit our wedding website by clicking on the button on the top right of my blog!

How were your weekends? I have something special to tell you about but it may have to wait until midweek before I can show you!

Have a lovely week!

Jewel x


  1. Ohh, I'm drooling over the CK images! Can't wait to hear your special weekend news :) off to check out your wedding website! x

  2. Hi, you are my cupcake swap partner!!

    I have never come across your blog before - thats one of the things i like ablout swaps, you get to 'meet' new bloggers.

    Have a great week xx

  3. Talk about keeping us waiting in suspence haha. glad you had a lovely day out, and make sure you rest lots next week :) xxxx

  4. Glad you had a lovely day. I only just noticed your wedding blog, thanks for pointing it out, its a lovely way to share everything.


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