Hey Everyone...

At last it is the weekend again! I'm am so relieved after a long and stressful week. Tomorrow I am off to Windsor for the day with my maid if honour, which will no doubt be a lovely day. Then Sunday is the big day...

...Our engagement photoshoot in Kenwood, Hampstead. I am excited, but also very nervous that I will look awful! I still don't have any shoes to wear and no idea how to do my hair! Any suggestions?

At least the weather forecast is good! Fingers crossed we get some nice photos!

Yesterday evening after blogging about those wonderful words, the fiance let slip that he had booked the honeymoon without telling me (as I was so down). Well I certainly felt a lot better after that...

We are off for 8 nights to the Maldives! To Kuramathi Island resort, staying in a private water villa with a jacuzzi. We even get a free excursion and a candlelit dinner on the beach. I literally can't wait, I will never have had a holiday like it and probably never will again. I have never been further than Rome, so I'm not sure how I will cope with a 10 hour flight, but it will of course be worth it.

Can I share with you some pictures of our dreamy honeymoon?

The infinity pool

The infinity pool

Inside the water villa

The island

The water villa

The water villa

Dinner on the beach



Second pool

Can you see why I'm excited? Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Jewel x


  1. Looks fabulous, what a wonderful honeymoon location. Scarlett x

  2. wow that just looks amazing! the flight will fly by (ha ha). xxx and i bet your'll look fab in the pictures cos your gorgeous. x

  3. Ah this is beautiful, I'm so happy for you, it looks amazing xxxx

  4. How fabulous for you, I have so many friends who've been to the Maldives and couldn't be any more complimentary about it,

    Victoria xxx


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