July Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hey everyone....

Here are my submissions for July's photo scavenger hunt. I happened across most of these things, or sought them out in a flap last night. Next month I will try to be far more organised...

Red, White and Blue

My Union Jack Cushion

Flip Flops

My sparkly flip flops

Ice Cream

Raspberry Sorbet at Kenwood House


Strawberries & Cream at Spitalfields Market

A Flag

Bunting (thats a type of flag)


The fields of Kenwood House


Celebrating the completion of my CBT coursework

Sea Shells

On my dresser from Bournemouth beach


The stars of Glee


On my lovely kitty Anya

A Kite - I couldn't find a kite anywhere on my travels, we just don't come across them and I've never flown one!

Something that makes you happy (but not a person or animal!)

Afternoon Tea of course

promise to do much better next month, can you tell which ones I took last night?! This month has been hectic but I will really need to search for next month's list, so wish me luck.

If you would like to join in take a look here

August's List:
a fountain
a boat
street food
a picnic
market day
a festival or funfair
something bizarre
a sport
something ancient

Jewel x


  1. Fab photos, glad you have taken part in this, I'm starting to see them all over the place now, it is such fun and really makes you open your eyes to what is around you :) xxx

  2. I love seeing these, well done!


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