Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Little Reminder...

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Jewel x

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Please Take Notice...

Hey Everyone...

Well today was an important day. The fiance and I headed off to the Barnet Registry Office in Edgware to give our intent to marry and get our notices of marriage. We were slightly nervous, as we'd heard that they ask lots of questions. But the registrar was lovely and it was very simple. We now just have to wait 16 days, during which our intent to marry is posted on their notice board, before we pop in to pick up our certificate! How exciting! Feels much more real now.

Then it was back to reality... food shopping, flat cleaning etc. But I had a special treat today. A massage bought by the fiance. I mentioned yesterday however, that it was in a chinese medicine shop. The girl was lovely but tiny, but boy was she strong. Last time I had a massage it was pretty rough and I ended up very bruised and couldn't sleep on my back. This one however, was ten times harder. Literally I was holding on for dear life, and she even chopped on my back so hard it sounded like she was slapping me. 50 minutes later I was pummeled to within an inch of my life.

At the end she asked if I needed to see their Dr about anything. I almost said my back, but answered no! We'll wait and see if I can move in the morning, but I am already in pain so I doubt it.

Anyway, I have some lovely pictures to show you. On a spur of the moment we decided to stop in at Kenwood House due to the beautiful weather...

Pretty Coloured Houses In Kelly Street Kentish Town

Pretty Coloured Houses In Kelly Street Kentish Town

I liked the pink one the best - aiming to live here one day!

Pretty Church In Kentish Town

The path down to Kenwood House

The beautiful sunshine

Stunning Kenwood House

Look at that detail!

The estate

Scrummy Raspberry Sorbet & Elderflower Lemonade

The lovely view of Kenwood House

Blue, blue sky

The view

What a sunny afternoon

Me enjoying the sunshine

Me and the fiance

Can you spot him?

It was a lovely afternoon. Now I'm off to try and sleep with my sore back! Hope you all had a lovely day in the sunshine!

Jewel x

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Thank Blog It's Friday!

Hey Everyone...

Do you like my pun? I don't know about you but I am shattered! It has been a long week at work, and my evenings seem to have disappeared without me realising!

But I love my blogging so I wanted to show you a few things before the weekend. 

After receiving a beautiful Royal Albert Old Country Roses dish from the lovely Scarlett (that you can see here) in a swap, I decided I wanted some more pieces for my set. I was watching a few on ebay when I came across this pretty little sugar bowl. Guess what? I won it for only £2.99 including p&p...

But when it arrived it had a large crack in it, that unfortunately is visible due to being slightly dirty. I contacted the seller who gave me a full refund and told me to keep it, which is good of her really! Although now I am petrified of trying to clean it incase I break the crack. Although I am pleased to have such a pretty sugar bowl for free.

Today at work was the quietest all week and it was needed. I managed to catch up on lots of admin. One of my lovely colleagues popped out into the garden and picked me some of this beautiful lavender, which is keeping me calm.

The fiance promised to buy me a lavender plant to replace a plant that died off in the house, but no sign so far! I would love to have a lavender plant as our little block is called 'Lavender Court'.

When I got in I did a little crafting, making a birthday card and wrapping a homemade birthday present, which I will show you soon!

I also carried on with my crochet, almost completing a square. I have pretty much got the hang of it now. But I was too busy trying to be quick, and keeping my tension tight that I dropped a few stitches, meaning I now have a trapezium rather than a square...

What should I do? Unpick it all and start again, or keep it as a momento of my first try - or can I fix it without unpicking it? I need your help, I'm only a novice. Still searching for a simple flower or heart tutorial too, so if you know a good one please let me know.

I also updated my folksy - adding a new item and putting up a new banner (courtesy of the fiance). Click on the link on the right to take a look and tell me what you think!?

Tomorrow is an exciting day. The fiance and I are off to give our notice of marriage at our local registry office, so that we are officially legally able to get married! Serious stuff! They ask us questions, and I'm worried I'll get one wrong. Wish us luck!

Afterwards I'm off for a massage in Kentish Town (very kindly bought by the fiance) but it's in a chinese medicine shop, so I'm dragging him along in case they try to use weird potions on me or sell me miracle cures! I'll let you know how it turns out!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Jewel x

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Thrill of A New Skill...

Hey Everyone...

For the first time in ages I have had no comments on a blog post! I'm rather upset and slightly worried that you've all abandoned me, but secretly hoping that blogger just isn't letting you comment. Please take a look, I love to read all your lovely comments!

Anyway I have some exciting news...

But first let me show you what I did today, spent too much money...

I popped into The Works after work (isn't that funny - sorry I have a weird sense of humour) and spied lots of lovely crafty bits. 10 large pieces of felt for £1.99, 8 metres of assorted cotton thread for £1.99, 30 different shaped mirrored pieces for 99p and 5 metres of assorted red ribbon for 99p. 

I couldn't resist! I have a very special card I need to make with the ribbon, and the felt and thread is exactly what I need to get making some more things to sell on Folksy.

I also finally picked up some wool so I can learn to crochet and knit. It's only cheap stuff but I'm not sure I will be able to master it so no need to buy anything too grand.

I also popped into the lovely past times. I had seen the lovely glass spray bottle a while back but didn't want to 'waste' my money so left it. Last night I saw it on someone else's blog and heard it was in the sale, and guess what? This was the last one they had - a pretty steal at £2.50

I also had a treat through the post from my lovely mum. A whole parcel of real vintage lace that used to belong to a relative and was gathering dust at her house. She wants me to put it to good use. Any ideas? I was thinking of using it in some brooches to sell on folksy, but maybe I should keep it in the family?

So what is the exciting news and the new skills you ask? Crochet of course. I just sat down, got out my borrowed library book and created my first row of double crochet! Go me! I am so stupidly excited, despite the fact that my tension is all rubbish and so it's loose in the middle. I am still very proud of myself and can see I will probably become addicted.

Look my first row of double crochet...

What do you think? I would love to make a very simple heart or flower - so if anyone knows a very easy tutorial for a complete novice please let me know!

Lastly, I wanted to show you a beautiful bloom grown by my own fair hands. Yes my lovely rose bush has re-bloomed with 5 beautiful roses, so I decided to cut one and bring it in to enjoy!

It is only a tiny bush, and I have neglected it slightly of late, so I am overjoyed that such a beautiful flower still materialised! Oh the simpliest of pleasures, a homegrown pink rose on my coffee table while I sit and crochet for the first time!

Hope you've all had a good week. I've noticed a lot of you are dreading the summer holidays. As someone with no children, who lives opposite a school, and works full time, I am quite happy about the lack of cars and litter in our road and the easier drive to work. I hope you don't think badly of me!

Jewel x

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sunny Sunday

Hey Everyone...

Sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. Things have been busy and I have had to choose resting over blogging. Believe me this was a hard choice and I pretty much had to be torn away from the laptop. But I am eager to catch up! I will be catching up on reading all your blogs tonight!

I wanted to tell you all about my lovely Sunday...

It started off with a trip to a local French Market that is held every so often in East Finchley. We had never been before and wanted to try some lovely French delicacies...

Lots of cake

Italian (yes at a french market) pastries

Sweet smelling soap

Homemade Jam

Delicious pastries & bread

Lovely cheeses

Lots of nuts, nougat and turkish delight

Then we stopped in at the beautifully old Phoenix Cinema, trying out there (relatively) new cafe, which has a balcony over looking the high road of East Finchley.

The fiance sat on The Phoenix balcony for lunch in the sunshine

The view from The Phoenix balcony of the French Market on the high road

Humous and potato salad for me, ham and brie melt for the fiance

Next we made our way to the North London Hospice Summer Fete at Avenue House in Finchley. We had never been to one of their fetes before, but the fiance is determined that they will look after him in his old age so we wanted to contribute.

The fete was small but cute. We won a bottle of wine on the 'wine or water' stall. The fiance lost first time, I won us it the second time. I also won an extra sweet on the 'pick a lolly' stall, go me! But lost on the tombola - *sigh*

There was a competition to get all the letters from each stand and work out a mystery word - we did it as a bit of fun. But on Monday we got a call to say we had won the prize! Two tickets to a local farm village! We had joked about winning, but we never thought we would. I am actually really looking forward to seeing the farm although we may look quite strange as it is meant for children and we have none, hmmm.

The fete

The fete with pretty Avenue House in the background

The fete

Maypole dancing

Our winnings

Enjoying the sunshine at the fete

A little bee that came to play

Pretty Avenue House

Pretty Avenue House

We then popped home for a quick dinner, using some lovely produce we bought from the French market...

French sunflower bread and cheese

Scrummy Millefeuille

And then we rushed out to Camden Town to attend another free gig in the iTunes Festival at The Roundhouse... Noah and The Whale, supported by Fixers...

In the queue

Antony Gormley Statue

Enjoying the sun on The Roundhouse Terrace before the gig

The Roundhouse ceiling



Noah & The Whale

Noah & The Whale

Noah & The Whale

It was fantastic gig, and a fantastic day! A very busy one as you can tell! Phew! Sorry that was such a whistle stop tour.

On Monday night we nipped back to The Phoenix to see 'Beginners' with Ewan Mcgregor who is one of my favourite actors. It was a lovely, heartfelt, funny film and I urge you all to see it.

Last night I tried my first ever Zumba class, which was arranged at work. It was fun, however, a lot of the participants are older and less fit, and they had asked the instructor to go slow, so I found it a bit slow and not much of workout. Still I will try it again next week.

And then tonight I met up with 7 of my old work colleagues from my old job, as one of them is leaving to move back to America. It was a bittersweet meeting, great to catch up with everyone and see how they are all doing, but sad because of the occasion that brought us together.

I will miss you so much Carlie, but I know you will be happy back in Chicago. I wish you all the luck and happiness you deserve and thank you for being my friend...

All the BIRU girls

Carlie & Me
I'm off for a little cry now!

Jewel x

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