Guess Who I Saw...

Hey Everyone...

Only the Foo Fighters (and Jimmy Eat World) in a tiny venue in Camden! Wow it was fantastic! I took my Best Man too be as he is a huge Foos fan. He got there at 3pm and so we were right at the front of the queue, which meant we were right at the front of the crowd. I mean literally, he was on the barrier and I was just behind!

I haven't been to a 'hardcore' gig like this is a long time, and last time I got all claustrophobic. I was proud this time that I stuck it out, almost until the end, but my blasted new trainers crushed my feet and I had to move out of the crowd to sit down!

Still I saw almost all of the gig - all 3 hours of it! Yep the Foo Fighters played for a whole three hours! The highlight (apart from Dave Grohl's general showmanship) was Dave Grohl shouting at some guy who started a fight in the crowd and very explicitly telling him to get out of the gig because 'you come to my gig to dance! You don't come to my gig to fight'.

We were so close my best man to be managed to pat Dave Grohl on the back as he walked past and even managed to get one of the bassist's plectrums!

I can't really sum up the experience but it was fantastic and I'm so glad I went! I'll leave you with some photos...

Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World

Jewel x

P.S. I will show you my fantastic swap parcel tomorrow and my WIP tada pictures on Friday! Oh and I have another interview on Tuesday - fingers crossed!


  1. Looks like you had fun! :)
    Thanks again for the ring, its really lovely.
    About coming in with your bits for the cafe, try to come on a tues or friday as L is in, and she deals with shop stuff xxx

  2. I also love the Foos! Have seen them about 3 times now, and was gutted to have missed them at T this year! And I saw a youtube video of Dave G shouting at that guy - I didn't realise it was THAT recent, as in this week!

    Hope your crafting is coming along, love all the little profects you have!

    Jen x

  3. I so envy you for seeing Dave Grohl.
    I just love him! :)


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