The Thrill of A New Skill...

Hey Everyone...

For the first time in ages I have had no comments on a blog post! I'm rather upset and slightly worried that you've all abandoned me, but secretly hoping that blogger just isn't letting you comment. Please take a look, I love to read all your lovely comments!

Anyway I have some exciting news...

But first let me show you what I did today, spent too much money...

I popped into The Works after work (isn't that funny - sorry I have a weird sense of humour) and spied lots of lovely crafty bits. 10 large pieces of felt for £1.99, 8 metres of assorted cotton thread for £1.99, 30 different shaped mirrored pieces for 99p and 5 metres of assorted red ribbon for 99p. 

I couldn't resist! I have a very special card I need to make with the ribbon, and the felt and thread is exactly what I need to get making some more things to sell on Folksy.

I also finally picked up some wool so I can learn to crochet and knit. It's only cheap stuff but I'm not sure I will be able to master it so no need to buy anything too grand.

I also popped into the lovely past times. I had seen the lovely glass spray bottle a while back but didn't want to 'waste' my money so left it. Last night I saw it on someone else's blog and heard it was in the sale, and guess what? This was the last one they had - a pretty steal at £2.50

I also had a treat through the post from my lovely mum. A whole parcel of real vintage lace that used to belong to a relative and was gathering dust at her house. She wants me to put it to good use. Any ideas? I was thinking of using it in some brooches to sell on folksy, but maybe I should keep it in the family?

So what is the exciting news and the new skills you ask? Crochet of course. I just sat down, got out my borrowed library book and created my first row of double crochet! Go me! I am so stupidly excited, despite the fact that my tension is all rubbish and so it's loose in the middle. I am still very proud of myself and can see I will probably become addicted.

Look my first row of double crochet...

What do you think? I would love to make a very simple heart or flower - so if anyone knows a very easy tutorial for a complete novice please let me know!

Lastly, I wanted to show you a beautiful bloom grown by my own fair hands. Yes my lovely rose bush has re-bloomed with 5 beautiful roses, so I decided to cut one and bring it in to enjoy!

It is only a tiny bush, and I have neglected it slightly of late, so I am overjoyed that such a beautiful flower still materialised! Oh the simpliest of pleasures, a homegrown pink rose on my coffee table while I sit and crochet for the first time!

Hope you've all had a good week. I've noticed a lot of you are dreading the summer holidays. As someone with no children, who lives opposite a school, and works full time, I am quite happy about the lack of cars and litter in our road and the easier drive to work. I hope you don't think badly of me!

Jewel x

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  1. Thank you for joining in my giveaway! You could used the lace to trim a cushion - that would look very pretty, or to do an edging for a skirt.

    Pomona x

  2. Your rose is beautiful! I'm trying to be green fingered just now - I'm growing tomatoes! And quite successfully too, I'm rather chuffed :)

    The lace looks beautiful too - I'd definitely use some of it for your Folksy goodies - and looks as though there's more than enough for other projects. Could you trim your pink tray with a thin strip? I've not had any coffee yet this morning, I can't think of anything else...

    Jen x

  3. I love popping into the Works shop, you can always pick up a bargin or two! love yours :) I wouldn't do anything with the lace for a while, I would just look at it!! I sat with my neighbour on Wednesday this week as she helped with learn to start crocheting!! She helped me do some simple flowers but need more practice!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. We always seem to find something in The Works!

    I wish I could get into crochet. I have it all ready and taught myself (from Youtube) how to do a flower but I want to do squares with the flower in the middle and make a lovely beautiful throw.......and that is the problem why I haven't even picked up the hook - because I am being too ambitious!!!

  5. I've still got a teddy bear my nana crocheted. I'll have to get it down from the loft.


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