Thank Blog It's Friday!

Hey Everyone...

Do you like my pun? I don't know about you but I am shattered! It has been a long week at work, and my evenings seem to have disappeared without me realising!

But I love my blogging so I wanted to show you a few things before the weekend. 

After receiving a beautiful Royal Albert Old Country Roses dish from the lovely Scarlett (that you can see here) in a swap, I decided I wanted some more pieces for my set. I was watching a few on ebay when I came across this pretty little sugar bowl. Guess what? I won it for only £2.99 including p&p...

But when it arrived it had a large crack in it, that unfortunately is visible due to being slightly dirty. I contacted the seller who gave me a full refund and told me to keep it, which is good of her really! Although now I am petrified of trying to clean it incase I break the crack. Although I am pleased to have such a pretty sugar bowl for free.

Today at work was the quietest all week and it was needed. I managed to catch up on lots of admin. One of my lovely colleagues popped out into the garden and picked me some of this beautiful lavender, which is keeping me calm.

The fiance promised to buy me a lavender plant to replace a plant that died off in the house, but no sign so far! I would love to have a lavender plant as our little block is called 'Lavender Court'.

When I got in I did a little crafting, making a birthday card and wrapping a homemade birthday present, which I will show you soon!

I also carried on with my crochet, almost completing a square. I have pretty much got the hang of it now. But I was too busy trying to be quick, and keeping my tension tight that I dropped a few stitches, meaning I now have a trapezium rather than a square...

What should I do? Unpick it all and start again, or keep it as a momento of my first try - or can I fix it without unpicking it? I need your help, I'm only a novice. Still searching for a simple flower or heart tutorial too, so if you know a good one please let me know.

I also updated my folksy - adding a new item and putting up a new banner (courtesy of the fiance). Click on the link on the right to take a look and tell me what you think!?

Tomorrow is an exciting day. The fiance and I are off to give our notice of marriage at our local registry office, so that we are officially legally able to get married! Serious stuff! They ask us questions, and I'm worried I'll get one wrong. Wish us luck!

Afterwards I'm off for a massage in Kentish Town (very kindly bought by the fiance) but it's in a chinese medicine shop, so I'm dragging him along in case they try to use weird potions on me or sell me miracle cures! I'll let you know how it turns out!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Jewel x

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  1. Hope you've had a great day, they weathers been lovely.

  2. Love the lavender in the jug! Good spot on the ebay buy shame its cracked though :o( Scarlett x

  3. Definitely keep the crochet as a memento of your first try - it will be a reminder not to rush it! Hope you enjoyed your massage, sounds liek you needed it :)

    Jen x

  4. What a shame about the sugar bowl although at least you had a reasonable seller who refunded you,

    Victoria xx


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