Ideal Engagement Outfit

Hey Everyone...

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Mine has been annoyingly busy (I could do with some time to relax and even start some crafting - I'll blog about that later).

I have lots to share, but not enough time to upload the pictures I need so I thought I'd show you this Polyvore instead.

Today is a year since our engagement party, which was a lovely picnic in the park surrounding Kenwood House, with a night out in Covent Garden afterwards.

It's got me thinking about a dream outfit I would have liked to have been wearing on the day we got engaged or at our engagement party! Of course in this dream I am also skinny enough to pull off the dress...

Isn't it dreamy?! Can you tell I love pink and pearls! The ring at the bottom is my actual engagement ring and you will have noticed the perfume in my last post!

Oooo this is making me want to have another engagement party just so I can dress up - maybe I could wear it for my hen do!?

Jewel x


  1. I can't read the whole post, there's a problem with Blogger, anyway your choices are lovely and I love pearls too!

  2. aaah yes, such dreamy outfit, i wish i was skinny to pull off a dress like that too and i wish i could go back to when hubby and i got engaged and planned a more perfect party hahaha but well...dreaming is allowed i guess! love the pearl hairband too!


  3. V pretty, perfectly girly. Your ring looks stunning.


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