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Hey everyone....

How have you been? Sorry I haven't blogged in a long time. It's been a very busy week and I have only just stopped! It's been full of lovely things and I've had a great time. But sometimes being busy is too much for me! I'm looking forward to a quieter week!

I have lots to blog about but I will spread it out over the next few days, just to keep you all in suspense!

Today I wanted to show you the fantastic freecycle bits I picked up earlier in the week....

A huge pile of very useful cookbooks! So huge they broke the bag! I'm especially looking forward to looking through the Delia Cookbook and Britain's Best Dish Cookbook! I need to hold some dinner parties to try them out!

My cat Anya kept creeping into the pictures! She obviously wanted to be featured on my blog, so I thought I'd show you this one!

And then there were these beauties.... I'm not sure what to do with them... I don't think I'd use any of them in their current forms - any ideas? The tea cosy is useable but a bit stained (despite a good wash) so what could I do with it?

A silky table runner with beautiful embroidered flowers! This is good quality so could stay as it is, but I have no use for it. I'm happy to cut it up to make something else?

A tablecloth with cross-stitched flowers - has quite a few holes so needs to be cut up and made into something pretty and new... what could I use it for?

And another tablecloth with embroidered flowers! Lovely lace round the edge too. I would happily unpick the lace to use at our wedding, but what can I do with the rest?

I need lots of ideas ladies and know you are the people to tell me! Please help!

Jewel x


  1. Wow, what a fabulous haul! Hello Anya cat :) thanks for your comment on my blog. I lived in London for a little while in 2007, loved it and hated it in equal measure but always up for visits! Maybe I should wear a 'Bibbitybob' badge just incase we bump into each other ;) xx

  2. I love your haul of goodies!

    Got a few suggestions for recycling the embroidered bits...

    Tea cosy - the tea pot and cupcakes are adorable, possibly cut them off and re-sew onto a plain tea towel, or make into a little picture for your kitchen?

    Silky table runner - this could be cut up to make little scented pouches for drawers/displaying etc - plenty of material for the front (with the larger design) and the back (2 of the smaller designs)? Just stuff with a little bit of wadding and lavender, and voila :)

    You could also do the same for the cloth with the 5 pinky flowers, and you'll get the lace to use for your wedding :)

    Where are the holes in the last one? Looking at it I can envisage the middle section being cut out, and the outer 'frame' being used as that, for a picture? Or a notice board? Or replace it with a plain panel of material and use as a tablecloth?

    I have a huge soft spot for embroidery and crosstitch, and it's lovely to see someone so young appreciate them to want to revive them! (I say that although I'm just 28 but it's seen as an 'old' lady hobby!) :)

    Jen xx

  3. You could make some of the smaller embroidered flowers into brooches, or use them as squares in a patchwork? Sewn into little bags/drawstring pouches? Put them on cards? Use them to accessorise a cushion?little baby shoes with flowers on? Fancy drinks coasters? A few ideas anyway...

  4. You can cut down tablecloths to make traycloths or napkins. Smaller pieces make nice insets for cushion fronts, or pockets on aprons. I find that a good soak often cleans up linens, and also if you hang them in the sunshine stains can bleach out. Washing up liquid can be a good stain remover, or lemon juice, if the ordinary things won't work. Or washing soda just sprinkled on the spot before you put in the wash.

    Pomona x


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