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Hey Everyone...

So today I'd like to tell you all about my lovely day out on Saturday. My lovely friend Lucy from uni came down from Birmingham on Friday night. We had some pizza, and crisps, and ice cream and cider and watched TV - it was so nice to just relax and have fun with a friend. I very rarely get to do it!

She is an especially lovely friend as for no reason she bought me this fantastic book! She knows I love macaroons and I don't have any good recipes for them - this book is full of them! Thank you Lucy.

Then on Saturday we headed off to the Peacock Bar in Clapham, where we had a Keynoir voucher for afternoon tea and a cupcake decorating class. When we got there they threw in a free chocolate making class too. Unfortunately the quality of the classes were quite poor. The icing tasted icky and was too soft and the chocolate making class was just putting melted chocolate in moulds. However, we had great fun and then enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea with two whole plates of sandwiches and huge yummy scones! They even refilled out tea!

Unfortunately our cupcakes didn't survive the tube or the sun and were melted and squished by the time we reached Green Park, where we sat and relaxed before Lucy had to head back up north.

Artsy photos...

It was a fantastic day, with beautiful weather, lovely food, fun and great company. If only this could be everyday! Miss you Lucy!

Jewel x


  1. I've seen that advertised, seemed like an odd choice of course for a bar which does burlesque in the evening! Shame the icing was horrible (and that green is a bit lairy), at least you had fun though. I've done the cocktail making there in the evening with a gang of girls, that was worthwhile, we ended up with so many drinks!

  2. despite the taste, it look like you had fun and i love your pictures. xx

  3. Isn't it fabulous having fun with friends!

    Victoria xx

  4. seems like you had a fab time with your friend, both of u looks so cuteee and love the aprons you're both wearing too, i love macaroons too, enjoy the book from your sweet friend, lucy. :)


  5. It looks like you all had a good laugh anyway! And the cakes did look pretty ...

    Pomona x

  6. What a great day you two had. It all look so amazing!
    I wish I had my best friend near so we could do girly things like that too.


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