Please Forgive Me...

Hey Everyone,

I was all excited and ready to show you my big 50 followers giveaway when this happened...

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR COMPUTER SCREENS! We haven't been hit by a bomb!

Yes this is what you think it is - my living room. Well actually it is my living room and bedroom amalgamated into one big pile of (excuse my french) cr*p!

There is a whole back story as to why this is the state of our flat at the moment. But I apologise, I am too exhausted to explain the long drawn out story.

The short version is that our bedroom floor should have been replaced today, so that this monstrosity could have been rectified. However, the company who were meant to be coming (through our housing association) hadn't bought the flooring and turned up late without it and then couldn't find it anywhere.

Supposedly they are coming tomorrow! But I won't hold my breath - the floor has already been replaced once, yet it needs replacing again - and that's just the end of the story.

Anyway, somewhere under all that stuff is my giveaway prizes and I don't have the energy, mindset or space to try and dig it all out.

I hope tomorrow evening the floor will be done and after tidying all this up, I will be able to blog about my giveaway. I hope you all aren't too disappointed and don't mind waiting an extra day?

But to end on a positive note! I am the lucky winner an issue one of Mollie Makes! I entered their competition online and I was one of 40! Can you believe it!? I have wanted this magazine since everyone went mad over it! I am sooo thrilled!

I can't wait for it to arrive so I can get crafting!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Jewel x


  1. Hope your floor gets done soon, what a pain to have to move all your stuff! Although its lovely to see a blog home with a little bit of disorder :o) Scarlett x

  2. Well done on the Molly Makes. I hope you get sorted soon.

  3. oh dear, i do hope they finish your floor soon, i gotta go and buy the latest issue of mollie makes! x Susan


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