The Fiasco of The Bridesmaid Dresses (& Some Treats)...

Hey Everyone...

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend, despite the rubbish weather. Although for me the rain is a good thing! I have been stuck inside all day writing my CBT coursework assignment that is due in on Wednesday! Yes I know I left it too late, yes I know I shouldn't procrastinate, I wrote my dissertation on procrastination so I should know. But it's finally done (just some referencing and appendices to do on Tuesday night before I submit it) phew that's a relief.

Now onto what I wanted to tell you about. On Thursday I alluded to an awful day! Well the fiance and I took the afternoon off to go look at the bridesmaid's dresses we had ordered from a company to make sure they were perfect. We paid for parking and the tube and spent an hour and a half travelling to West London. And when we got there, guess what? The girl told us they are closing down.

I wanted to get angry and shout, but I felt sorry for the poor girl who was working alone and probably had no control over the situation. We were extremely annoyed she hadn't called us to tell us not to come, or replied to our emails and phone calls when we'd tried to confirm the booking.

So the fiance made a complaint via email, and now we're waiting to hear if they have the material left to make the bridesmaids' dresses and mens' ties. Even if they do we'll have to cancel the flowergirl dresses as it's too soon to have them made and we'd have to have them made now. I also am unsure whether to get the bridesmaids' dresses now as they may all need altering nearer the time. *Sigh* I don't know what to do.

I will hopefully find out on Monday what they can do! What a rubbish afternoon and a waste of our time and hard earned money! We're complaining to get our travel expenses refunded too!

So we tried to salvage the day by going to Lauderee! I really wanted to go ever since bibbitybob went on her trip to London, so I convinced the fiance to take me. He bought me three lovely macaroons, although I was annoyed they wouldn't give me a box!

I came home and enjoyed them on my beautiful old country roses, royal albert plate from Scarlett with a cup of tea.

Me outside Lauderee - admiring the amazing macaroon tower!


It cheered me and took my mind off the dresses for a while at least! I can't wait to go back and treat myself to a whole box!

The fiance has been treating me this week and also took me out to see Harry Potter 7 part 2. He doesn't really care for Harry Potter but I think he quite enjoyed it! I thought it was fantastic! Everyone in the cinema was applauding at some fantastic moments and every clapped at the end! I was really sad when it was all over, as it had been a huge part of my childhood and had been part of my life for 12 years - sounds silly but true!

I've already hinted that the fiance could buy me the whole box set for Christmas - when I assume it will timed to be on sale! Then tonight we're off out for dinner at this lovely French restaurant in Hampstead called Le Cage Imaginaire where we went for valentines - can't wait!

Tomorrow I'm off with a friend to Spittalfields Market for the day (please let the weather be kinder) and maybe for afternoon tea which will be lovely as she's moving home to Chicago soon and I don't know when I'll see her again :(

On that sad note I will leave you, with the promise of showing you all my tada's tomorrow!

Jewel x


  1. I am really sorry for your bridesmaids dresses. I hope all can be sorted without trouble.
    Hmmm, I love macaroons. I bet yours tasted absolutely yummy. Specially being Lauderee's. :)
    I hope you are having a great weekend. xx

  2. i am going to spitalfields tomorrow too! shopping for my daughter. sorry to hear about the bridesmaids dresses and good luck with positive news on monday. xx

  3. Oh no you poor thing! Its stressful enough planning weddings without having those kind of problems! Maybe it would be better to start again with someone else, just for peace of mind?!

    My boys also saw Harry Potter this afternoon and say it is the best of them all?!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. What disappointing news about your bridesmaids dresses but it seems you made the best of the situation visiting Laduree!

    Victoria xx


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