Le Cage Imaginaire

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend despite the horrible weather. I didn't notice it at all on Saturday. I was stuck inside writing my CBT coursework which is due in on Wednesday. Luckily, I was still able to bash out 3,000 words in a day and finished it all (apart from my references and appendices, which I will complete tomorrow night). So my Saturday wasn't much fun. 

That is until the fiance took us out for dinner to this lovely little French restaurant in Hampstead called Le Cage Imaginaire. We've been here once before for Valentine's Day, but this time it was just a relaxed treat. 

The food was fantastic and as you can see I celebrated my finished coursework with a yummy glass of champagne. After two lovely courses I popped into the beautiful patisserie Paul to pick up dessert...

A delectable Millefeuille! (On my new pretty pink tray) What a treat! The fiance has even offered to take us back again next month! Well I won't refuse that!

Tonight I am very anxious as I prepare for another interview tomorrow. I have done lots of revision but it's just not going in so I may have to do some last minute cramming tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed I get this one, as it would be a fascinating research opportunity in an amazing field!

Until tomorrow...

Jewel x


  1. Everything crossed that you sail through tomorrow. Good Luck x

  2. all the very very best. i am sure you will be fabulous. 3,000 words in one day - wow! xx


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