Simple Saturday...

Hey Everyone...

Well today has been a simple Saturday. This week has been awful, with stress at work, and arguments at home. I didn't get the job either, although I was next in line. Coming 3rd out of 450, still doesn't make me feel much better. However, the lovely man who interviewed me said he would mention me for another position and keep me in mind!

I did have some luck this week though. I won the first issue of Mollie Makes in their competition and it arrived yesterday! I finally see why everyone was raving about this magazine! It's fantastic and I've already used one of the ideas and planned to start at least 3 more. I loved it so much I have subscribed for 3 issues for £5 and will probably keep subscribing. Annoyingly though I have missed issues 2, 3 & 4 so I will have to try and find them in the shops!

I can't wait to use the free felt to make a new phone case, but I'll have to wait as I'm hopefully upgrading soon and I want it to be the right size.

I somehow ended up at IKEA last night, and while I was there I had to buy this pretty garden tray. I had seen it a few times before but couldn't justify buying it. However, yesterday I saw it had been reduced to just 99p so I had to snap it up. It is now sat on our kitchen windowsill, making the plants look much tidier and refined.

Today started with a visit to the fiance's grandma to wish her a happy (85th!) birthday. She's such a lovely lady and was already asking us what we wanted for Christmas and our wedding.

Whilst doing the weekly shop I had to pick up these pretty shoes! I needed some replacement ones for my pair that have holes in and these were only £9

Then when we got back I started work. Fun work mind you. I used some good old fashioned Brasso to shine up my scales from the car boot. They are now nice and shiny, although I ran out of Brasso and need a little more to get off the really stubborn marks - but I'm very pleased with them now!

On Friday evening I also picked up this fantastic plastic bunting from a lovely freecycler. I was going to use it in the garden, but it is so long and bright, I think it might be overwhelming - considering our garden is communal - what do you think?

I also finished a present for someone's upcoming birthday - I can't show it yet as I haven't given it to them yet - but here's a sneak peak.

And I used my first inspiration from Mollie Makes to make this badge heart frame to sell on folksy - I've just listed it so if you like it take a look - HERE

So it's been a busy day really. We're about to relax with a curry and some wine whilst watching TV as we have a busy day tomorrow!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Jewel x

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  1. Same here, wine and curry night.

    Sorry about the job but WOW to get that far and maybe a mention next time? Could be it works out even better for you.

    I think issue 4 of Mollie makes is out any time. I bought issue one and did the £5 thing and have had 2 mags. I'm really looking forward to the Christmas ones, already!

  2. Sorry to hear about the bad week but sounds like your weekend is going well so far,

    Victoria xx

  3. Sorry about the job, fingers crossed that there will be something else soon.

    Loving that 99p tray from Ikea - do you know when their sale finishes?

  4. Great buys, love the pink tray! I think your frame and badge picture is so cute! I have just bought some of these frames from Ikea to make pictures with buttons to put on my wall with my freehand embroidery :)

    Check out my blog I also have a giveaway.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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