(Ho)Spittalfields & Tea With A Friend...

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're all having a lovely week, despite the horrid weather! Oh well it's good for the garden I guess! I wanted to show you my pictures from Sunday when I met up with a friend from my old job and went to Spitalfields Market. The weather was playing with us then too, and it rained on and off all day. We missed some of the showers by being in the markets but got caught in a particularly bad one waiting for a bus. Anyway....

Did you know Spitalfields got its name from the fact that the area used to be fields surrounding a number of hospitals, and it just got contaminated by dropping the 'ho' into Spitalfields?

Lovely old letter stamps - I would love some of these but they were pricey!

Delicious looking strawberries and cream - in huge cones!

Sunday Up Market In Brick Lane

Brick Lane with the old Truman brewery stack

Inside the Backyard Market

The infamous bagel shop - many a drive by visit at 1am

A busy Brick Lane

Spot the street art...

And again...

After mooching around the markets, we headed to Old Street for a Vegan afternoon tea in a little cafe called 'October Cafe'. It looked like the place was fairly new so it was a bit bare, but the food was nice and the tea warmed us up from the rain.

My lovely friend Carlie & our yummy tea

Me enjoying my favourite tipple


Carlie was hungry!

On the way back it started to rain - no umbrella? Use a carrier bag!

My lovely friend Carlie treated me to the afternoon tea which was soo sweet of her. I am going to miss her so much as at the beginning of August she is heading home to Chicago and I'm not sure when I will see her again.

We both started our last job at the same time and I think of her as a really great friend. Her americanisms always make me laugh. I will miss her a lot. Ok, stop now before I cry...

Why don't I show you what I bought?

Yummy green leaf tea that smells so summery

Silk scarf £1 - need to decide what to do with it - ideas?

Detailed scarf £1 - need to decide what to do with it - ideas?

Crochet type scarf £1 - need to decide what to do with it - ideas?

There was a huge pile of scarves for £1 each, I could have bought hundreds but decided on these three. Any ideas of what I could use them for? I'm happy to cut them up and sew them!

Oh and just to let you know I find out by Friday whether I got the job from the interview today, so keep those fingers crossed a little longer, sorry if you get hand ache!

Jewel x

P.S. I just need one more follower to reach the big 50 so I can show you all my giveaway!


  1. Great post, love the scarves and the afternoon tea! I want some strawberries and cream now!! glad you had a great time with your friend, fingers still crossed for Friday.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. The best of luck, still got everything crossed for you.

  3. Hi Jewel,

    i hope you get your job. Love your pictures and I could spy a brazilian flag in one of the market pics. hehehe. ;)

  4. I really wish there were markets like that up in Glasgow, that didn't have smelly old men wandering about too... Spoils the experience! ;)

    Love the scarves - the detailed one is far too pretty to cut up, wouldn't you wear it it? I would! The top and bottom scarf pics could be used as the backing fabric for your embroidered bits from a previous blogging day?

    Lots of luck for Friday - sending positive vibes your way! :)

    Jen x

  5. Looks like a really fun day out despite the weather. I like all those letter stamps together..great photo! The scarves are pretty, great price as well..I look forward to see what you create out of them. Best of luck with getting the new job :)

  6. My friend used to work nights and sometimes around the Brick Lane Bagel shop and on her way home she'd drop some on my doorstep!

    Victoria xx


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