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Hey Everyone...

Well today was an important day. The fiance and I headed off to the Barnet Registry Office in Edgware to give our intent to marry and get our notices of marriage. We were slightly nervous, as we'd heard that they ask lots of questions. But the registrar was lovely and it was very simple. We now just have to wait 16 days, during which our intent to marry is posted on their notice board, before we pop in to pick up our certificate! How exciting! Feels much more real now.

Then it was back to reality... food shopping, flat cleaning etc. But I had a special treat today. A massage bought by the fiance. I mentioned yesterday however, that it was in a chinese medicine shop. The girl was lovely but tiny, but boy was she strong. Last time I had a massage it was pretty rough and I ended up very bruised and couldn't sleep on my back. This one however, was ten times harder. Literally I was holding on for dear life, and she even chopped on my back so hard it sounded like she was slapping me. 50 minutes later I was pummeled to within an inch of my life.

At the end she asked if I needed to see their Dr about anything. I almost said my back, but answered no! We'll wait and see if I can move in the morning, but I am already in pain so I doubt it.

Anyway, I have some lovely pictures to show you. On a spur of the moment we decided to stop in at Kenwood House due to the beautiful weather...

Pretty Coloured Houses In Kelly Street Kentish Town

Pretty Coloured Houses In Kelly Street Kentish Town

I liked the pink one the best - aiming to live here one day!

Pretty Church In Kentish Town

The path down to Kenwood House

The beautiful sunshine

Stunning Kenwood House

Look at that detail!

The estate

Scrummy Raspberry Sorbet & Elderflower Lemonade

The lovely view of Kenwood House

Blue, blue sky

The view

What a sunny afternoon

Me enjoying the sunshine

Me and the fiance

Can you spot him?

It was a lovely afternoon. Now I'm off to try and sleep with my sore back! Hope you all had a lovely day in the sunshine!

Jewel x

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  1. Ooh all getting very real now, you'll soon be a Mrs! Lovely photos, I like the pink house too, but if I had the choice I'd take Kenwood House!

    Hope your back is a bit better. My husband bought me a massage on our honeymoon and the bloke who did it could have killed me with one finger! It wasn't exactly relaxing!

  2. Getting closer and closer!

    Praps thats is why they are so give their doctor some work! lol!

  3. counting the days now! how excited but so sorry to hear about ur back! lovely photos of the view and gorgeous houses and of course the blue blue sky!

    x susan

  4. Hi Jewel!
    Thanks for becoming a new follower, for leaving a lovely comment and fro displaying my Giveaway button on your sidebar - i am very grateful.
    Kenwood house looks a wonderful place to visit on a sunny day - thankyou for sharing those great photos!
    That massage sounded a bit too vigorous for me - hope you didnt experience any aches the next day!
    Gill xx

  5. what lovely pictures.. i want the pink house too! isn't it lovely. xx


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