Ta Da....

Hey Everyone...

Well I'm off out to Spitalfields Market in a minute, but before I go I wanted to show you the Ta Da pictures of all my exciting WIPs...

First was the tray I bought from the car boot sale a few weeks ago for £1.50....

After lots of coats of pink paint, here is my lovely finished tray, perfect for serving tea on....

This picture also gives you a glimpse of our revamped coffee table. We bought it at a vintage emporium in St.Albans a few months back but wanted to tone down the bare wood. The fiance took this on as his project but we ended up working together. Here it is before our hard work....

And after... We ended up using watered down white paint and then covering with spray varnish - however, some of our coasters have plastic 'feet' which have peeled off both the paint and varnish so we need to do some touching up! Overall though we love the finish!

There was more painting to be done, this time for the wedding. I used white enamel spray paint to cover these two baskets (one free, one 50p from a charity shop) which are for our flowergirls to carry petals in, down the aisle. They look much better, but still need some decoration. I'm debating sticking on some pearls and tying on some dusky pink ribbon, what do you think?

Lastly, I wanted to show you some bunting that I finally finished for myself. I started it a month ago (yes you read that right!) at the last BGCC I went to, and finally finished it on Wednesday night at the last BGCC before the summer break! It's not perfect, as I was rushing and I didn't have enough ribbon to cover both sides.

But as you can see it's hung against our kitchen doorway so you can't see the back really anyway....

Although it's not perfect, I love it and I think it makes our flat look a lot more homely. I love that I used an old handed down bed sheet too!

Well I hope you like all my finished WIPs. It's rewarding to see them all here. I just need to get going on some more sewing as I've been neglecting it. My mum also found me a crochet hook, so now all I need is some wool to start some crochet and knitting projects!

Yesterday I received these fabulous fabric samples in the post too, which I need to plan a project for...

Lovely Cath Kidston fabric samples - completely free! I wonder how long I can keep getting away with it lol. I want to frame the London one it's so gorgeous, especially as we live in London! But I need some ideas for the other two....

Oh and can you spot my crochet hook!? Looks like I've got lots to do...

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Jewel x


  1. wow i love the tray looks fantastic painted pink and all the other things are fab too x

  2. Everything looks great! Well done,

    Have a great day today,

    Victoria xx

  3. Wow you have been busy! Very impressive! Loving that pink wooden tray - might have to paint my white one pink, after seeing how good yours looks!
    Where do you get the free cath kidston samples from then??

  4. what a cute pink tray! love your table too! i think the baskets are adorable with either dusky pink ribbon or pearls or both! love your buntings and free sample of CK fabrics! x Susan

  5. You have been busy. The tray is a gorgeous shade of pink!

  6. I just found your blog today :) I really like the table make-over, I like the white-washed look to it. Pretty pink tray as well! The bunting looks great..one can never have enough bunting..haha :P

  7. You've done some great work on all those pieces. I love the photos of your kitchen. It looks so homely in an almost 1950's way...well apart from the washing machine :-)


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