The Product Edit #1: Bear Hug Box Unboxing

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer weather we've been having. I'm still a bit behind on my blog with a backlog of things I want to share but I'm determined not to miss anything out. So this blog takes me back to the end of May, beginning of June when I was in the midst of my first year exams for my PhD. My lovely friend Lucy recognised how stressed I was about the process and sent me a beautiful care package courtesy of Bear Hug Gifts.

It was a total surprise but filled with a wonderful personal curation of gifts to get me through those stressful days...

My friend Lucy obviously curated the box especially for me, although they have a range of pre-designed boxes for a range of people and situations. I loved the mug which was perfect in light of the stress of exams, with the notebook and pen being essential but also gorgeous. The candle smelt amazing and was the perfect way to unwind after a day of revision. The box even has cute little arms so it really can give you a bear hug!

I posted a little 'unboxing' story on my IG which (hopefully) you can see above.

I had never heard of the company before this parcel landed on my doorstop so I did some research on IG and found that Bear Hug Gifts was set up by a lady called Faye who received a thoughtful care package herself when going through physical health difficulties. She wanted to spread the love that she had received and so the Bear Hug Boxes were born.

This is such a fantastic story and her business has grown from a small start up initially supported by the Prince's Trust, into the wonderful brand it is today. Having experienced mental health problems for years I know the power of such a thoughtful gesture and am so pleased Bear Hug Gifts are here to spread the love.

Just to say Bear Hug Gifts have no idea I'm writing this post, and it is in no way sponsored or endorsed. I just wanted everyone to know what this fabulous company are all about.

So what would be in your perfect bear hug box?



  1. It was really thoughtful of your friend to send you such a lovely care package. I’ve also ordered a personalized gift box for my sister for her wedding gift. I’ve asked it to be delivered straight to her home the day after we have the wedding at one of the beautiful wedding venues Los Angeles.


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