The Home Edit #1: The Singer Table

I have been looking forward to sharing this post, it takes us all the way back to May and mine and my husband's 5th wedding anniversary. 

Anyone know what the tradition is? 

Wood apparently - now none of those dirty remarks :) 

Well in the week leading us to our anniversary I had been looking on ebay for some furniture bargains (much inspired by my friend Gemma who has been kitting out her beautiful little cottage) and I had become fixated on FINALLY buying a singer table. I had no idea where to put it (our house is jam packed as it is) but I knew I wanted one. Now big purchases such as this should usually go through the other half as he would have to put up with less space in our already full home, but he kept just umming and ahhing (not unusual really) when he'd previously liked the idea of one (as the people who bought from had a lovely one in the lounge).

Anyway eventually, (aka when I started to get annoyed) he had to tell me that he had already bought me one for our wooden anniversary. I was obviously thrilled! And felt awful for spoiling the surprise. Still he managed to surprise me by only wrapping up the big wooden top for me to open on the day - which confused me somewhat. But I soon clicked, and the lovely piece of reclaimed wood was added to the beautiful ironwork stand.

We took a while to find the perfect arrangement that would fit it in. We knew it needed to go in the lounge as it matched the decor perfectly.

My husband did some re-jigging and eventually it ended up in front of the window and now has a gorgeous backdrop of light.

I absolutely love it and keep restyling the top. I saw my friend Gemma (yes the same one as above) had some beautiful old observer books on her shelves and decided they would look fantastic on the singer table, so spent some time collecting them from ebay and charity shops. I found the little succulent and art deco letters on holiday in Norfolk and the cream jug (filled with lavender) from Weathered & Worn (of course when shopping with Gemma - she is my style guru). 

I will probably end up changing it all again, but for now I love it, and am so happy to finally have a beautiful old singer table to call my own.



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