The London Riots

Hey Everyone...

Thank you for all your lovely comments of concern! I wanted to blog tonight about the riots as it has been so local to me. Admittedly, I missed a lot of the action as I was in Brighton over the weekend (which I will blog about tomorrow). However, I heard snippets of the news and saw the papers and was becoming more and more worried about my fiance.

I texted him on Monday and he was fairly oblivious to it, but by Monday night we certainty couldn't ignore it. I drove myself and my two friends home from Brighton on Monday night, dropping them at Euston and then driving through Camden etc to home. I dropped them off around 4.30pm and you wouldn't have thought anything was awry.

When I got home and I put the news channel on things were starting to turn for the worst. I watched in horror as parts of London I know were being attacked, torched and burgled.

I know you will all have seen the pictures, so I won't bore you with them, but this was one of the worst images for me.

On Monday night I spent the evening watching the news, reading on the internet and watching twitter. Tottenham is very local, I shop in Wood Green regularly. Then enfield, which is a leafy, fairly well off area, where I had to attend training the next morning. I could see the Sony distribution centre which was still alight, smoking high into the sky. I heard reports of Friern Barnet being attacked and had to plan an escape route, including how to carry our cat without a cat basket.

It was very scary. Luckily, we were fine. A small disturbance in Barnet was disbanded and nothing closer than Enfield or Tottenham appeared. 

I am hoping they are now diffused, and that the awful, lawless, youths who committed these crimes are brought to justice. 

My thoughts are with those affected, those whose homes were burn down, property damaged, children scared, businesses ruined and lives jeopardised.

I am so proud of all of those who have banded together to clean up London and their cities after the violence, and who have stood up to the youths to protect their neighbourhoods! 

I hope all of you out there are safe and sound, especially now the mindless copycat violence has spread. 

I have a huge amount of anger for these people, and absolutely no sympathy, whatever excuse they are using. The youths who are 'disillusioned' with the country should count their blessings (including their nike tracksuits and blackberry phones) in comparison to those starving in Africa. The youths of this country need some serious discipline and punishment for the way they have behaved. As do any parents who have stood by and let their children become involved.

Anyway, off my soap box and to finish on a lighter note!

I just saw that The Great British Bake Off is back on TV as of next Tuesday! I am extremely excited!

Have a good, safe evening everyone...

Love Jewel x


  1. Here here...............well said!! My husbands grandparents who are in their 80's and 90's live in Wood Green!! So was very scary! Plus we have friends and family in SE London - which were some of the copycat areas!

    Glad you are safe!

    Looking forward to the Brighton piccies!

  2. So glad you are safe and sound.
    Hoping that it will all come to an end soon, the behaviour of the youths is so afwul. Luckily we don't live near there but I find it so shocking to see on the news, things like people setting shops and houses on fire just for fun..
    Look forward to your Brighton pics!

    Ashley xxxx

  3. It is despicable behaviour. As you say no excuses and no sympathy - other than for the innocent victims of course.

  4. so glad u're safe! it's terrible, i've been glued to the tv since it all started! i do however salute to those youths who work together to clean up the mess that those irresponsible, looters and fire starters caused! stay safe!


  5. What can you say to all this? Stay safe, take care.

  6. Glad you and yours are all safe. It's been a horrible experience for the whole country.


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