P.Y.O. & Sticky Jam...

Wow what a busy weekend! But a nice one! Full of lovely things! Shame my week so far has been manic! I have just caught up on reading everyone's blogs so I can finally write my own!

On Saturday we decided to make a trip to the pick your own farm up the road, as they had some new things to pick...

Cream Tea at the neighbouring Ferny Hill Farm

Our haul of raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and corn on the cob

I then decided I wanted to make some strawberry and blackberry jams! I had never done it before and didn't really have a big enough pan. It started well...

But we had a disaster where the jam overflowed and burnt all over our ceramic hob! It won't come off - I'm not really sure what we're going to do. But I did end up with 8 full jars of yummy homemade jam....

And of course spare for us! If I do say so myself, it's very yummy, if a little thick. It needs warming up in the microwave to spread it, as I slightly overcooked it! Two jars will form part of my dad's birthday present a he loves his jam!

We also popped into the Barnet Furniture Centre, where they sell recycled furniture and homeware for charity. I picked up these beauties...

All this wool for £2

And this pretty china for £5 

I plan to use the wool to crochet some little flowers (once I find a you tube tutorial) and the teacups to make teacup candles! I just need an idea of where to get the candle making supplies from - as again this is something I haven't done before!

After making jam I also did some baking! I tried to make some chocolate chip shortbread for my giveaway winner Callie - but I used Trex instead of butter and the whole thing crumbled apart...

The fiance said he will have it!

So I tried a different recipe! Banana and chocolate loaf! It smelt fantastic and I wish I could of tasted it before I posted it off, but I'll just have to make one for myself!

I hope Callie likes it! Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my Sunday car booting! And a couple of little treats I got today!

Jewel x


  1. Apologies!!! Am at home today so will def try to find the crochet flower tutorial that I used!!


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