Put On Your Pretty Dress...

Hey Everyone...

Wow what a busy week! I am absolutely shattered! Luckily tomorrow I am having a relaxing day. Hopefully spending some time sewing. AND practicing my new skill! CROCHET!

Yep last night, I used a youtube tutorial and managed to crochet my first ever granny square...

That's my cat guarding my creation! I am so proud and so chuffed! I did drop a stitch, and the middle is a bit dodgy, but now I know how to make them I am sure I will be hooked (what a pun!)

So I plan to spend tomorrow making some more squares for a blanket!

We might also pop out to the PYO farm as they have some new crops ready! I would love to make blackberry and plum jams - but I need your advice! Anyone have a very simple recipe for a novice? And do I need a special pan or can I use a normal one?

Lastly, before I  just wanted to show you my lovely new dress! It's for the weekend after next when something special is happening but you'll have to wait to find out what!

Do you like it?

Right I'm off out to see 'Rise of The Planet of The Apes'!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Jewel x


  1. Gorgeous dress! Love it!

    I know that jam making recipies say to use a heavy bottomed pot (I think to make sure it doesn't burn?) but I've made tablet that says to use the same and it's been fine. Just watch it like a hawk! Sounds jummy, enjoy making it! (and eating it afters!)

    Jen x

  2. Sorry not a jam making expert!

    Am loving the dress! Ooooh what could it be for?

    I am desperate for a crochet granny blanket. I have the wool and the hook but dont know where to start! I learnt how to make a flower off of You Tube - please can you direct me to where you learnt to do the square?!!?

  3. Hiya!
    I can't believe you have learnt to crochet, I tried ages ago and failed and just this afternoon took it all back out again to try again, but still failed. Need someone to physically show me I think!!
    About the jam, you will need a big pan, like a stock pot size otherwise you'll have to do it in small batches. I actually found strawberry much easier than blackberry, but you do need to add pectin for some fruits so worth checking that out, or just using jam sugar or lemon juice also works.
    Like Pretty at Heart, I'd love to know which tutorial you used, otherwise I'll have to come round to yours and you can teach me! :) sounds like a plan!!!! xxx

  4. Thanks! Will have a look at that tutorial. I will try to find the one I used before for the flowers and will let you know.

    Please enlighten me.............what is a no reply blogger? In simple terms please!! lol!

  5. well done! love the cute granny square u made, i'm in the middle of making a blanket..i feel like giving up after making 33 squares but need at least 47 to make a decent size *urgh*, what a cute dress u got, love the color and the shape! x susan

  6. Well done on the granny square! I am sure that soon you will be making loads of crochet goodies. :) Love the dress. Bet you looked gorgeous wearing it. :)

  7. I'm impressed! good on you, I've never tried.


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