Last Chance...

Hey Everyone...

I am apologising in advance. This weekend I am off to Brighton for three days so I shall be rather quiet until Tuesday! Tomorrow two of my lovely friends from university are coming down, staying over and then we're heading off in the morning to Brighton.

I can't wait! I have had a really bad week, I won't go into why, but I really feel like I need a change of scenery, some girly laughs, wine and sunshine! Oh and cake! Don't forget cake!

Hopefully it will be the perfect remedy to the blues!

So in my absence I have a task for you all! Please spread the word about my giveaway! It ends just before I return home, so while I'm away please blog, share, tweet and generally shout about it to anyone and everyone you can! PLEASE!

You can see all about the giveaway - here!

Thank you in advance too, I know you won't let me down! Oh and you'll be rewarded with lots of pictures of Brighton, I promise!

Thank you again to all my lovely followers, I wouldn't blog without you! And I love blogging!

Jewel x


  1. Oh no, hope a weekend away with the girlies fixes all your problems and worries! Yes, lots of cake and what about chocolate! lol!
    Have a great time - looking forward to the piccies!

  2. Have a great weekend I'm sure you will, a stop in the choccy woccy doo dar shop (or however you spell it) should do the trick for the caeke part of the weekend at least, enjoy xxx

  3. have a great girly time! i'm sure it would chase your troubles away! cake , wine and sunshine sound heavenly! x susan


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