A Lovely Evening...

Hey Everyone...

How are you all? I had a lovely evening at a friend's new place, catching up and enjoying tea and cake in her beautiful garden and lovely flat. I am very jealous! It was lovely to sit and relax and spend time with her. And I got to meet her husband who apparently reads my blog (Hi Matt!). Now I can test whether he actually does! I'm hoping we might be able to meet up more often!

Tonight I just wanted to show you some bits and pieces I have picked up! On Monday night after work I had to drop back an IKEA bag full of books to the uni library from my CBT coursework, so it was a good opportunity to drop into a garden centre we always drove past.

I picked up this cookie cutter for my baking....

Reduced to £1

I said it looked like a cloud, the fiance said it looks like a flower - what do you think?

When I got home - these were waiting for me! I will show you what I did with them in a minute.

Pink for girls, Blue for boys

When I got home I decided to see if the new fabric I bought on Sunday was suitable for our wedding favours. I bought the floral Cath Kidston fabric ages ago, not realising it was too small for jam jar covers. So on Saturday I bought some gingham fabric to sew onto them to make them big enough. I think they will look nice when they are done, but it's a lot of sewing to get done - 60 of them to sew!

Whilst at the garden centre I also convinced the fiance to finally buy me that Lavender plant he promised me! So now Lavender Court finally has some Lavender to live up to its name!

It's taken pride of place on our little patio table in the garden.

So with those cufflinks backs I made some scrabble cufflinks to sell in my folksy shop - here

I've already had an enquiry about them which is great!

Oh and these arrived yesterday. Tiny little envelopes for the seeds for our wedding favours to go in! I should have made them myself but I felt lazy!

What have you all been making recently?

Jewel x


  1. Oooh, first comment! yay!

    The cookie cutter is definitely a flower - or at least you'll be able to decorate them to look more like flowers than clouds!

    I love the gingham fabric - I've always thought there's something so cheery about it! What are you doing with the jam jars for your wedding favours? (Jam seems too obvious lol!) I'm making tablet for mine - it was supposed to be fudge, but inadvertantly turned into tablet instead... still very tasty though!

    The cufflinks are great!

    I've still been getting stuck into my card making - I have an 18th birthday and wedding card to finish off for tomorrow, and then a few straggly bits to finish off on others, and I'm all done! I've things to make for 2 of our fellow brides, so I'll start gathering bits for them when I'm next at the craft shop :)

    Just realised I've written an essay, oops!!

    Jen x

  2. I'd have to agree the cookie cutter looks like a flower, sorry Juli. You have to love Ikea I always end up spending money on things I don't need or have no where to store, whoops. i also couldn't help but notice that your garden table and chairs are the smae as the ones me and James bought for his garden at the beginnning of last year, spooky hey.
    The cuff links look great, they should sell really well, fingers crossed xxx

  3. cloud?flower? i think it's both! loving it and it's so cute! what a cute and great idea those scrabble cufflinks! i love the fabrics u bought and love the little envelopes you bought, yes i too sometimes are too lazy to make my own stuff, easier to buy! hehe x susan

  4. I think the cutter looks like a flower :) I adore lavender plants, yours looks great on your garden table. Can't wait to see what you do with the fabric.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. On second thoughts and looking at the cutter a bit more it does look more like a cloud. Just to keep him indoors quiet for a bit he hee xxx


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