Hey Everyone...

Hope you have all had a lovely long weekend! I have had a nice weekend, even better knowing that we still have the rest of the week off to relax too!

I thought you'd like you know that the apple pie was a success! It tasted great, despite all the problems with the pastry, and my dad loved it...

Quarter Gone Straight Away

I had a lovely day with the family yesterday celebrating my Dad's birthday, we went out for a lovely meal at lunch time. Saturday night was lovely too, an old school friend came over and we went for a yummy meal and to the cinema in Camden. She surprised me with these lovely little handbag notes from Past Times...

Pretty Handbag Notes

We went to see 'One Day' which was fantastic (despite Anne Hathaway's patchy accent). I hadn't read the book and so was surprised at times, and very sad by the end of it! I have made it my mission to find a second hand copy of the book as I loved the film. I am a glutton for punishment though, as I know it will make me cry!

Today was dedicated to a past time I love but rarely get to engage in! Car booting! In fact we went to three today and got a pretty good haul, despite the cold weather...

Lovely Old Singers Were Everywhere

Pretty Pastel Mixing Jug & Measuring Cups - £2.40 The Lot!

Ikea Frames For My Bathroom Collection - 50p The Pair

Pretty Rose Hook - 50p Brand New In Packet

Lacy Rose Pattern Tablecloth - 50p For The Craftfair Table

Cork Boards - 50p, 50p & 20p - One For Display & 2 To Sell At The Craftfair

And here is the hook proudly displaying my aprons in the kitchen - perfect place!

And the fiance bought this lovely antique looking standard lamp for only £1.50! It needs a little polishing and the plug needed replacing - but the fiance did it in a flash and it looks lovely!

Sorry about the mess underneath!

So all in all a pretty good haul! I plan to cover the cork boards in fabric and ribbon to make them into pretty noticeboards to sell at the craft fair! Just need to get down to it now! But maybe after the rest of the week off!

Jewel x


  1. Wow you have done well, can't wait to get my own place so I can start thrifting at ootsales, picking up lovely bits for my home at bargain prices :) xxx

  2. The mixing jug and measuring cups are so pretty! The two of you are great at bargain hunting!

  3. Some lucky finds! Very nice! Most of our bootys have finished now! :o(


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