Hey Everyone,

Well it has been a lovely weekend, which I will share all the details of in due course, but atm I'm waiting for photographs before I post about it. So today I just thought I'd share some photos of some cards I made.

The first is for my Dad's birthday which is on Friday...

I hope he'll like it. I'm also giving him some of my homemade jam, and baking him a cake.

The second card is for my lovely friend Lucy who just got herself a new job! So I sent this to congratulate her!

Luckily she loved it!

It's so nice to really personalise soemthing for someone, and to show you've put thought and effort into the things you give them!

Can't wait to blog about my weekend! Hope yours have all been great!

Jewel x


  1. Lovely cards, there is nothing better then handmade cards, they are so much more personal xxx

  2. Gorgeous - I love making cards, they're always really appreciated. Just did more of my 'tiny knitting on cocktail sticks' ones - loads of people with new babies at the moment!


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