Hello... Long Time No See

Hello Everyone,

Well it's been a while... That is an understatement. I want to apologise for leaving my little blog world in the lurch. Things have been busy, stressful, things have changed. In the time that has passed I have thought about coming back to blogging as I have many fond memories of it. However I have struggled to find the motivation to do so and other things have gotten in the way.

But here I am... I find myself back and I am hopeful I will return to enjoying blogging. Where to start?

Almost a year and a half has passed since my last blog post, which in itself was a brief 'return' from a far longer hiatus.

As I said things have changed. I have moved house, I have been married for two years. But I think I am basically the same person with the same loves and hopes. So I think I will continue as I did before... sharing things from my life as simple as they may be.

So here goes...

My husband and I recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary (I can't quite believe it's been that long already) and he bought me the most amazing present. A beautiful candy pink kitchenaid...

I think my not so subtle (*ahem*) hints had finally ground him down, but I was thrilled. Today I have finally used it for the first time, to bake some goodies for an 'away' day at work on Friday. Here it is in action...

And the result...

Some delicious smelling chocolate cheesecake bars. The recipe is from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book - a favourite of mine. This is the first time I have tried the recipe and the pictures in the book look far more refined than my version. I will let you know what my colleagues thought - although anything homemade tends to go down well.

Until next time...

Love Jewel


  1. Welcome back Jewel! Last time I read your blog you had just got married and shared the wedding photos! Two years!
    I hope you've had a brilliant two years, and what a wonderful present to celebrate!
    Gill xx

  2. Welcome back! Has it been two years already since your wedding? Where does time go, it seems like yesterday that I was following you as you were excitedly preparing for the big day. Congratulations on your Anniversary, what a lovely gift. I'm sure your work colleagues will be thrilled with your cheesecake bars, homemade is always special. xx

  3. Welcome back, I’ve missed you. xxx

  4. Lovely to see you blogging again!! Two years - where has that time gone!!?! Time certainly speeds up the older you get, it really is scary!! I have stopped writing blogs, but am still reading everyones on a regular basis...............so looking forward to hearing more from you!! -x-


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