The Personal Edit #1: One Year of Finch & Flump

I must apologise for two things... First the break between my last blog and this (things have been pretty hectic) and in advance for the number of photos in the post.

Although we have now actually had our gorgeous kittens (well cats now) Finch & Flump for over a year now, I knew I wanted to create a post to look back over their first year with us.

We found them via our local Cats Protection centre and fell in love straight away. We had just lost our beloved Anya and needed some new little lives to nurture and love. 

These two were actually from a litter of four kittens who had been found on the street with their mum. They were all named after the gladiators (remember them) and these two were nightshade and warrior. 

Those names were quickly replaced with Finchley and Flumpley. Strange names I agree, but they have personal meaning to us. Finchley, the site of our first home, and Flump as an ode to Anya as she used to 'flump' on her side when she wanted her tummy tickled. Funnily enough Flump is pretty good at Flumping too now.

Off course we wouldn't stick to their full names, so Finch and Flump it was.

They settled in pretty quick, and were a handful from the start. Climbing over everything, stealing food from our plates and ransacking cupboards.

Finch soon became affectionately known as Finch the Pinch after he stole a custard cream from the bag of our house sitters who came to look after them when we went away to Indonesia.

On our return it was time to let them out for the first time. They were pretty timid at first, but now they are always out and about.


Unfortunately that means they've been catching things. So far the worst has been seeing Finch devouring a freshly caught pigeon, and finding a three legged half dead frog in the bathroom.


Speaking of bathrooms, they've been through a phase of sitting under running taps, and sitting in empty sinks and the bath. Actually, this phase seems to continue on and off, but has been less often since Finch had his first bath.

That first bath was a result of finding him in this position....

Yep, he'd climbed in the bin! We actually realised they'd both been doing this for a while. We'd noticed the smell but just thought they'd picked it up from outside, until I had the shock of my life finding Finch like that!

Oh but we got our own back at Christmas, by buying them these adorable outfits... 

They didn't stay on long unfortunately! 

They've grown into gorgeous, mischievous boys, and although they can be quite a handful, I can't imagine life without them.

They bring us so much joy and have made us into a little family again.



  1. Such sweet faces! Our black cat only has one eye as the result of a fight but is such a character!

    1. Thank you, they may look sweet - but it's all a facade. Awe the poor thing, I hope he healed well and doesn't let it stop him!? x


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