The Product Edit #2: Bruu Tea Unboxing

Apologies for the quiet spell... My mental health has been pretty bad recently and I've found it hard to motivate myself generally. I'm not sure if blogging in particular is also difficult. I think I find it difficult to know whether people want to read my posts and whether I should keep going, especially as I know I'm not even close to the big leagues of bloggers nowadays. I loved the blogging community back when I started in 2012. Now it feels just like a commercial enterprise, one that my little blog would never compare to. But here I am anyway...

I still have a list of things I want to share, some I hope people will really enjoy. But to get back into the swing of things I'm going to take it easy on myself and share a simple post today about the Bruu Tea subscription boxes I've been receiving.

Back in April I attended the National Tea Day event at the Roof Gardens, Kensington. It seemed like the perfect event for me. If you've read back over my blog you'll know I am obsessed with afternoon tea, so much so I even started a review blog for a while, and themed my wedding around it. So a day of drinking free tea was a dream come true for me. The event was fantastic and I can't wait to go again next year. Whilst there I sampled tea from a huge range of companies. Bruu were offering their tea subscription boxes and I'd heard of similar schemes before. However they had always seemed over priced to me (The Fortnum and Mason 'Teapost' was a particular one I loved the look of but just couldn't justify). So when Bruu said they were offering a three month subscription for £25 I jumped at the chance to sign up. 

Enjoying free tea galore at the Roof Gardens

The subscription included three monthly deliveries each containing three specially selected leaf tea pouches and a special extra (usually from another affiliated or recommended company). The first little extra was to be a Tribe bar - a company I had already heard about, and so I was excited to see what else was going to be featured. 

Excuse the blur - but look at that Jam - seriously?

Unfortunately the boxes really didn't match up to my expectations. Maybe my expectations were too high, but the selection of teas were nothing special (mostly blends I already had or were fairly run of the mill). The first box's extra was a plastic sachet of jam (you know the ones you get in service stations?) and second box's special extra was a discount code to a company seemingly unrelated to tea. And there was no extra in the final box. I decided to cancel my subscription after the first three boxes and mentioned about my disappointment when I emailed Bruu. There response was pretty lack luster, they just said that sometimes the boxes don't have anything extra and I shouldn't have been told to expect them every month. Hrrrrmmmpffff.

I feel slightly miffed at this response, and also with the fact I have 9 packets of tea, which cost me £25 and none of which I particularly want to drink. I haven't opened any of them and I LOVE TEA!!!!! I have a whole bookshelf of the stuff. Anyway, unfortunately I wouldn't recommend Bruu. I suspect I fell foul to impulse purchasing and the lure of a cheap deal when I should have gone for quality. Hopefully I have learnt my lesson.

Do you love tea?
What is your favourite blend?
And can you recommend a good tea subscription service?



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