Oh Christmas Tree...

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post! It's so nice to know some of you are still reading despite my break!

I'm sorry this is so late, but I wanted to show you my decorating for Christmas! They are still up, and it's not quite the new year so I'll get them in quick! Here is our Christmas tree...

With Our Little Kitty Anya Jumping In!

Last year we had a theme of silver and pink, using old decorations from when I lived with my parents! This year, influenced by all my Christmas crafting and the general colour scheme of our lounge, we went for a red and white theme!

And I LOVE it! It felt sooo Christmasssy!

Out came my Christmassy candles and I found a couple of Christmassy blankets for our sofas! (We always have the heart cushions on our sofa!)

In the place of a fireplace we have our big TV unit, and so our stockings were hung here, along with my homemade advent calendar, which the fiance filled with goodies for me!

Here he is in our Christmassy lounge.

Anya liked the tree too! Luckily she's a good cat and doesn't try to play with the things hung on it!

I made lots of the decorations myself - sewn stockings, stuffed hearts & Christmas trees, and button stars.

Ikea provided a lot of the other decorations including huge red baubles, heart baubles that match our year round cushions and rug, the red felt star on top and some white sewn hearts with intricate snowflake designs I didn't have time to master!

Out came the fiance's santa apron and hat and our Merry Christmas was hung above the kitchen.

I added some gingham ribbon to the lovely wicker heart we picked up in Bath and hung it on our flat door!

All in all our little flat has felt very cosy and Christmassy this year! I hope you'll agree!

Love Jewel xxx


  1. Yes I do agree!!
    Some of those ikea decs were so reasonable that it was cheaper to buy them than to make them anyway!!
    Have a great New Years Eve!

  2. Your xmas tree looks beautiful! I bought some of the felt red hearts in ikea and plan to have them up all year round :o) Happy new year chickadee, Scarlett x

  3. It certainly does look very cosy and Christmassy in your home!

    Victoria xx

  4. adorable christmas tree you have there! and anya is soo cute! thankfully my cat is also well behaved, i too mostly made the christmas decorations this year and yours are lovely! and love the heart baubles from ikea and love your matching cushion too! awww what a cute santa apron and stockings! i too always love red and white theme but maybe for a change i might use blue next year, maybe! thanks for sharing ur gorgeous home! xx susa

  5. Hi there, hope you have a lovely last day of the year. Love your Christmas tree and decorations. We always have ours up for ages.
    Thanks for visiting me too!
    Becca x

  6. Its depressing when you have to take them down. Enjoy the last few days.


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