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Hey Everyone...

Wow it's been a busy week! I am so sorry I have been so sparse in my blogging! Things have been so hectic what with the wedding being only..... 5 weeks away! I cannot believe it! Anyway that's for another time!

Today I wanted to blog about a special cake I made for a very special 6 year old! My lovely eldest niece turned 6 last week, and to celebrate we all went to London Zoo on Sunday!

Although the weather wasn't great, my two nieces and nephew had a great time seeing all the animals! 

My sister asked me to make her a special cake... her favourite... Strawberry shortcake!

It was the first time I had used icing to make shapes without cutters, so I was rather nervous. The fiance printed out a template for me and I got going!

It was actually really fun - I loved seeing the character come together...

I used pipe-able icing for the details and also piped my first ever edging - I think it looks rather professional!

I used some alphabet cutters from the new 'Cake Decorating' magazine, which my lovely father-in-law to be has subscribed me to as a belated birthday present. And I used some strawberry flavoured buttons which my sister-in-law to be gave me for Christmas! I even used my homemade jam from last year to fill the middle of the home baked cake! 

My niece loved her cake - and she also loved the monogrammed cushion I made for her! I really love making homemade gifts for the people I love!

Love Jewel xXx

P.S. Tomorrow is a big day! I go for my final wedding dress fitting and if it doesn't need any altering I get to take it home! Eeeeeeee!

P.P.S I have TWO giveaways at the moment - get in quick!


  1. Jewel that cake is fab, you are very talented! How exciting the final dress fitting, hope it all goes really well for you. The next 5 weeks will fly by.

  2. Eek...five weeks! Very exciting.

    Love the cake, it looks very profesh ! Have a gr8 weekend.

    Gemma x

  3. Well done!It looks so professional! I, for some reason, have little success with piping?! OOO Good luck for tomorrow! xxx

  4. 5 must be so so excited about picking up your dress!
    the cake looks darn good. well done. lucky you getting the mag as a kind gift.
    good luck tomorrow, lets hope you can bring the dress home.x

  5. Your cake looks wonderful! I have subscribed to that magazine too! Sue x

  6. I bet it tasted just as good as it looked!

    Good luck with the fitting...............but be sure to hide it away from the fiance if you bring it home!

  7. That is a fabulous cake! Well done you... can I have one please?!

    Victoria xx


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