The Ceremony...

Hey Everyone,

I am so overwhelmed by the lovely comments left on my last post. It's so lovely to hear that you are interested in our story and even more so that it means something to you to hear the rest! I won't keep you waiting...

So where were we, well I left the safety of the bedroom and headed to meet the registrar. She shared my name, and was lovely and comforting. My heart had decided to jump into my throat and I felt unbelievably nervous - but in the most happy way.

After checking details with the registrar - which was a good thing as she was all ready to pronounce us Mr & Mrs Hurman (my maiden name) - I headed into a small room behind the ceremony room. The bridesmaids were there, and I don't know if they sensed my nerves but they kept me preoccupied, laughing and joking.

Then I heard the registrar announce the start of our little homemade video - the beginning of the ceremony...

I had seen this before, and sang along in my head, picturing Andrew (yeah that's his name!) Then I heard the final notes of the song in the video, and the harpist begin to play Glasgow Love Theme and I could hardly breathe...

The flowergirls went first, scattering their petals - although they were being very studious and only picking the best ones - one at a time...

Then the bridesmaids went out one by one...

Then it was my turn...

My dad and I stumbled a little on the steps down from the door - mostly due to the size of my dress. According to the photographer I practically ran down the aisle! I was obviously ready to get married!

Seeing Andrew - who was obviously so nervous - was such an amazing moment...

The ceremony passed in a whirlwind, but it was beautiful, so personal and reflected us beautifully...

At the top of the aisle, we were both so nervous we didn't know what to do with our hands, I didn't know if we were 'allowed' to hold hands - but eventually we couldn't resist.

My lovely friend Rachel read some extracts by Cecelia Ahern, which had me blinking back the tears...

Then we exchanged our rings, with our own personally written vows. I since realised that I missed a word out! Watching it back on the video I feel like an idiot - but at the time I didn't even notice I was too busy smiling at Andrew...

Luckily Andrew also had a slip up, saying slurring the word 'solemnly'...

Then Andrew's sister read the words to 'Come What May' - a song which has always meant a lot to me...

I couldn't stop smiling and laughing the whole way through, I can't remember having ever felt more content...

And then so quickly, it was all over! We were announced husband and wife - we kissed and as they say - the rest is history!

Our beautiful bridesmaids

Our handsome groomsmen

Signing the register with our witnesses

The new Mr & Mrs Evans!

To Be Continued...


  1. Lovely!! You can really see how happy you are in the photos.

    Gemma xx

  2. Love, love, love xxx

  3. Gorgeous! Your bouquets are beautiful!
    Victoria xx

  4. EEEkk!!! So loving this! It feels like I was actually there!
    You must tell us all about your dress and everything too!!
    Also, on a random note, I thought you looked lovely as a brunette in the video, although I think blonde suits you best! Looking forward to Friday xxx

  5. What a beautiful wedding! I love the video as sweet with all the video's of you both as children..great song as well...

  6. This is like a beautiful soap opera - I can't wait for the next instalment. You look so beautiful and happy! XX

  7. Hi, I'm just catching up on all your wedding posts now and your photos were AMAZING!

    Looks like a fantastic day and congratulations to you both.

    Can't wait to hear more!

    Victoria xxx

  8. Your happiness is catching, I'm loving these blog posts!

  9. Beautiful wedding. Looking forward to the next installment.



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