The Photobooth...

Hey everyone,

Thank you again for all your lovely comments on my wedding posts so far, it really has meant so much. The details of the wedding particular meant a lot to us, so to know that our hard work all paid off feels great.

As I mentioned last time, when we were looking for a photographer we had decided that we would like someone who could offer us a 'photobooth'.

After trying an actual photobooth at a wedding fair, we loved the idea, but just couldn't afford the rental fee.

When we suggested it to our photographer, I'm not sure she knew what we meant! 

Then we set about making some props for our photobooth, using lots of fantastic printable resources from the web - we made glasses, lips, necklace, bow ties, mustaches, a bow and arrow...

Then we made some signs and I found a chalkboard to use for messages! We even printed some little vintage style tickets as a momento...

And I'm so glad we put in all that effort, as everyone LOVED it...

Unfortunately the photographer had to take the camera with her when she left just after the first dance! We would have loved even more photos into the night - but it was such a great way to get some fun shots of all our friends!

To Be Continued...


  1. Congratulations on your marriage!!
    What a brilliant idea, looks like everyone is having so much fun with the idea and you will have some brilliant informal wedding photos as well as the usual formal ones!
    Happy days!!
    Gill xx

  2. Great fun! Never seen anything like that before!

  3. What a wonderful idea! Your guests look like they were having so much fun :D


  4. Love this soooo much! Your pics are so fun, photo props are fab!

    Estelle xx

  5. Having photo booth rentals in your event is one of the surefire ways to record the memories of your event. Imagine that you are having wedding party or party and you may want to preserve the memories of the event.


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