Our 6 Year Anniversary...

Hey Everyone...

This post is a little out of order, but I really wanted to share it with you! Just a few days before our big day, the husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. As we were going to have to revert back to zero very soon, we wanted to make a day of it.

The husband took me for lunch at a little cafe near his work...

Then we took a relaxing stroll around the park to soak up the beautiful sunshine...

Then in the evening we recreated our first two dates with dinner at Francesco's...

Before heading to bowling alley for a game of pool and some fun...

We even wore the same outfits we wore on our first date!

It was so lovely to recreate our first few moments together so close to the wedding! I still can't quite below it was 6 whole years ago. But now there is a new chapter to our story...

Love Jewel xXx


  1. That's a lovely way to spend an anniversary... What a lovely day it was too

  2. Ah, looks like you had a wonderful day!
    Victoria x

  3. What a fab way to spend your your anniversary. So many more memories to create xxx

  4. Love this blog post and your photos - what a fab way to celebrate an anniversary. we have been married 15 years this year - scary how quickly time goes (especially as I am still only 25 ;-) ). x

  5. ps just blogged about the craft box. Love your photo booth idea by the way and all your other wedding creations x

  6. How lovely. We met 25 years back and our wedding was on the same date but 10 years later. I count the total but am quite untypical in that I forget how long and have to ask hubby! We're not very romantic but happy, so thats OK.

  7. So cute!!! That is a fab way to celebrate your anniversary. It seems a shame to go back to 0 now (or two months!).

    Gemma xXx


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