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Hey Everyone...

I hope you're all well and enjoying the glorious sunshine today! I have been stuck indoors working all day - I knew I should have become a teacher! Anyway, I am afraid I misled you all into believeing my wedding posts were over - unfortunately I made one little oversight...

Our amazing wedding video! I wish I could post the whole thing on you tube - but as it is over an hour long it would be a slight nightmare. You'll just have to believe me that it is amazing. My husband's company film weddings and so as a lovely gift they filmed our day for free.

Then my new husband edited it all together - hence why it has only just been finished! But oh my it was worth the wait. Reliving the ceremony and every special moment of the day is such a precious thing! I am so glad we had it filmed - the day passes so quickly, it's such a blessing to be able to go back and see it all again in all it's detail.

Watching it for the first time I was holding back the tears - It really was such a special day. Just to give you a little sneak peak, a few bits of the wedding video have made their way onto You Tube - so here you go....

I hope you like it...

Love Jewel xXx


  1. A great post, thanks for sharing, its been lovely. The videos are really good!

  2. Loved these videos, that montage is so sweet and I can only guess that it is Andrew's sister that cried in the video but it made me cry watching it ha ha what a loser hey. Great video though Julie, something to treasure forever more :) x x x x


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