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Hey Everyone,

Time seems to be flying by and I have been so busy lately that I haven't had much chance to blog! I have so much to catch up on, I need to knuckle down and write some posts. But for now I wanted to share my last wedding related post...

On the Monday after the wedding, my new husband and I flew off for the honeymoon of a lifetime. To....

The Maldives!

As someone who has never been further than Europe and never on a long haul flight - it was a big experience!

We flew overnight from Heathrow into Colombo in Sri Lanka, and then took a one hour flight to the capital of The Maldives - Male. From there we took a sea plane to our Island. It was such a magical experience - the sea plane in particular! It was so small it looked as if it could barely hold two passengers, but somehow 16 of us fit in.

When we arrived it was early evening and beautifully warm. We were welcomed with refreshing drinks and taken to our water villa!

It was just stunning, a villa to ourselves, out over the beautiful sea, with our own private deck and a jacuzzi, and uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean...

The island, Kuramathi, was one of the largest in The Maldives and there was so much to do. I learnt to snorkel, we took a sunset cruise into the ocean (and saw sharks from the boat), we say string rays being fed, had a couples massage on a jetty out over the sea, had a night time jacuzzi, and deep sea snorkelled, swimming with sharks. 

It really was magical. We watched a movie under the stars, drank cocktails all day, swam in a stunning infinity pool, spotted so many species of wildlife, walked along the sandback that disappears into the ocean and took a trip to the neighbouring local island.
I could tell you so much more, but it just won't capture the beauty of it all - so instead here are some photographs...

Can you spot the shark?

We were so sad when it was time to leave, we promised each other that we would go back! We couldn't have wished for a better start to our married life - a holiday in paradise!

Jewel xXx


  1. lovely lovely photos, especially the ones of you in the red dress.
    See you tomorrow!!

  2. What an experience and a wonderful finale to your wedding.

  3. Looks like a beautiful place for a beautiful couple to begin their married life. I have loved your wedding posts. Linda xxx

  4. Looks wonderful! Your photos are just gorgeous, what a lovely keepsake of your honeymoon. xx

  5. How beautiful, romantic and just perfect!! Looks like you were the only ones there...........along with the photographer??!!!

    What an amazing experience

  6. It looks lovely, so glad you had such a magical time x x x x

  7. What an enchanting and romantic place you've picked for your honeymoon. Glad to hear you've had a wonderful time.


  8. What fabulous photos from your honeymoon!

    Victoria xxx


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