100 Followers Giveaway Winners...

Hey Everyone...

I hope you are all ok! I miss you all so much! But guess what!? Tomorrow is just one week until the wedding! 2 years have flown past! Hopefully next week I will have time to blog about a few things before the wedding, and then when I get back I will have so much to tell you and show you...

But for today, I can't wait to announce the winners of my 100 followers giveaway! Thank you so much for following me - all 100 (and now 106) of you! It really means so much...

So without further ado...

The winner of prize number one is...

Emma Bear Forever

The winner of prize number two is...

Jen T

And the winner of prize number three is...

Pretty At Heart

Congratulations ladies! I really hope you like your prizes! Please let me know your addresses asap and I will try to send them out before the wedding!

I really can't wait to get back into blogging and crafting after the wedding - I have so much I need to catch up on!

Love Jewel xXx


  1. Eek! One week. I'm super excited for the both of you!

    Gemma xxx

  2. Oooh I'm so excited!! I don't go in for many of the giveaways, so I had forgotton that I had entered this one and was really surprised and pleased to see my blog name!!

    These are going to look lovely tied to some pretty new storage boxes - once I buy them - in my new cloakroom, once it has been replaced and decorated next week!

    Thank you!

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    Good luck with all your Wedding prep and wishing you a Happy Day both! xx

  4. Good Luck with all the final wedding prep! Hope its a fabulous day for you both :o) Scarlett x

  5. I never win anything! Excited! Thank you!

    Wishing you lots of love and luck and happiness for your wedding hun!! xxx

  6. Wishing you both a wonderful wedding day.Look forward to seeing all the pics.


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