A Weekend Away...

Hey Everyone...

I hope you're all having a fantastic week! I wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely well wishers on my last blog - the wedding is just 4 days away now, and the nerves are really sinking in. But today I wanted to blog about a lovely weekend away we had at the end of April to get away from all the wedding stress! 

We found an amazing deal online and spent the weekend in a lovely hotel in Derby...

We decided to take the opportunity to visit the beautiful York...

So many people had told me I would love York, but I had never had the chance to visit!

Boy were they right! I loved the architecture...

All the pretty windy streets...

And most of all the amazing and delicious Betty's Tea Room!

It was well worth the queue...

We will have to go back again for a full afternoon tea!

Included in our package were tickets to Chatsworth House - another place I have always wanted to visit!

Ever since reading lots of Phillipa Gregory books I have longed to see this beautiful house!

And boy was it stunning!

We popped into Bakewell as well - to try their infamous tart! Unfortunately the weather was awful and so I didn't get to look around all the beautiful little shops!

While we were in York, The Fiance suggested we stop in M&S to look for an illusive cookie jar I had been after! And guess what! They had it!

Now I have a collection of two!

And I did get one little souvenir from Bakewell - a little Love heart - just in time for the wedding!

It was a short but sweet weekend, and lovely to get away, just the two of us, despite the non-stop rain! 

And today is a very special day - no not 4 days before the wedding (although that is true). It is our 6th anniversary! We have been together 6 whole years and in a few days time, we will be promising the rest of our lives to each other - exciting!

We are off for a little lunch time treat, before recreating our first date tonight, with dinner and then drinks at a bowling alley - we were all class! 

Have a lovely day!

Love Jewel xXx


  1. O wow what lovely pics of York. I love York it is a beautiful city.
    I can`t believe how close it is to your wedding now *squeal*

  2. I have never been to York, but it looks/sounds like a lovely place to visit. Have you seen the show on the tele about Chatsworth? It is quite interesting to see..
    Happy 6th Anniversary..have a fun day out!
    Wow, time is sure flying by..wishing you a very special and memorable wedding day :)
    Magie x

  3. York is just lovely isn't it. We didn't fancy waiting in the queue maybe next time, I'm sure we will go back. It looks as though you had a lovely weekend despite the weather.

    I can't believe it is only 4 days. tres exciting :P

    Have a great evening, I'm sure you will x x x x

  4. Awww how romantic! Happy first date anniversary :) my husband and I always feel that is more important that our wedding date! Only 4 days to go!!! Wowsers :) have fun x x

  5. Glad to see you had such a lovely time. I adore York and Chatsworth.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful wedding. x

  6. Lovely photos looks like you had a nice break!
    Wow 4 days bet your getting nervous! Hope all goes well for your wedding and that the weather stays lovely x have a wonderful wedding day x

  7. We spend a lot of time in York, it is sooooo lovely. Have a fantastic day on Saturday, the weather looks great, remember to enjoy every single minute.
    twiggy xx

  8. We went to Yorkshire and York around 15 years ago at least, but really want to go back. We just loved Yorkshire anyway, and infact would have moved there! but I was hoping that we would find some pretty shops when we return. Thanks for confirming that!! You were very lucky to find the cookie jar you wanted! I can see why you have been hunting it down!!
    At least the weather is warming up nicely for Saturday!!
    Take care


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