I Love Swaps...

Hey Everyone...

On Tuesday, just as I was about to leave to meet The Fiance to celebrate our anniversary, the postman arrived, with some lovely goodies!

What good timing & just before the wedding!

The first was a lovely parcel from Buttonz from Stuff N Bits! This was my parcel in the Diamond Jubilee Swap hosted by both Moonstruck Creations and Crafts @ Home!

Unfortunately, I got a bit mixed up, when I was bit stressed and sent my parcel for Buttonz to the lovely  Emily of Martha & Me instead! Luckily, she was so pleased with the parcel, she suggested she join in too and sent a lovely parcel to Buttonz which you can see here! After all that confusion, the lovely Buttonz still sent me a gorgeous parcel...

Inside were lots of union jack goodies! Napkins, yummy chocolate lollies, pretty ribbon and buttons, a magnetic shopping pad and a beautiful homemade hanging heart which is now hung in my kitchen!

Thank you so much Buttonz!

And at the same time a huge box arrived - at first I thought it was an early wedding present - but once I unwrapped it, I realised it was the travelling craft box organising by lovely Laalaa!

Inside was a special little parcel just for me from the gorgeous Niky at Silver Nik Nats

Inside were a stunning pair of pearl earrings - which I put on immediately and wore for our anniversary date, and two lovely lipglosses - I also immediately put on the DuWop gloss which is amazing and looked so lovely and glittery! Thank you so much Niky!

And so to the craft box - it was so full of amazing, lovely things, it was so hard to choose. In the end I took out these lovely things...

Some gorgeous pink gingham fabric, two bags of pretty pearl beads, a reel of strawberry ribbon, a silver clasp for making a bag, some stitchable stationary, a Cath Kidston style mirror, and a beautifully handmade crochet bag with floral lining - and another lipgloss inside (also not photographed I also took a little red heart hole punch).

I could have taken so much more, it was all so lovely, but I hope the next in line likes the things I have replaced them with!

I will send it on as soon as I return from honeymoon, so it will be delayed a little while! I hope no one minds!

I can't wait to get involved in another swap soon - they really are so lovely - can anyone recommend any!?

Love Jewel xXx

P.S. By now I am a married woman! Eeee!


  1. Glad you liked what I sent you have you ever tried swap bot?

  2. Awhhh! Didn't realise you followed Emily too! I have known her since playschool! Very talented she is too! Love the things you picked, I love the idea of this too! I really love these types of swaps but havent spotted any recently so if you do find any, let me know!

    Hope you had a fantastic day yesterday xxx

  3. Hi! Just letting you know - there is another British swap happening at LaaLaas and I just found a gorgeous 'Jar of Love' swap at www.booty-fullthings.blogspot.co.uk


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