A Weekend With A Best Friend...

Hey Everyone...

Oh am I glad it's Friday! Even though it was only a 4 day week I feel like it has been much longer than usual and I am so glad it's the weekend at last. As you may have read tomorrow isn't quite a day off as I will be selling at a craft fair - but I have my fingers crossed that it will go well. On Sunday I have an exciting day out planned but I will tell you all about that next week.

For now I am reminiscing about a lovely weekend I had with my friend Lucy. Lucy lives far away in Solihull and so I don't see her very often. But for her birthday I bought her an afternoon tea and she kindly invited me to share it for her. I also got to see her new flat, which was very exciting.

We headed off to the beautiful Coombe Abbey for our afternoon tea...

It was such a gorgeous hotel, set in a big beautiful park, which you are free to roam!

The hotel was stunning, very gothic on the inspired by it's history as an abbey...

It's not a celebration without champagne!

Our tea was served in the beautiful greenhouse!

And it was delicious!

The only problem was that it was so hot - it was too hot to drink tea!

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping! Ikea, Primarni and many more! I was on the hunt for some new clothes to make me feel better and Lucy was so lovely and supportive - helping me find things to make me feel good! I plan to share my purchases with you in a blog soon!

And Lucy was a very good host! Yummy crumpets for breakfast - and tea in a Cath mug...

Plus my very own little pot of jam! She knows me so well!

Love Jewel xXx

(P.S. I am sorry about the random sized pictures - I am too tired to try and sort them out!)


  1. I'm with you on being glad it's Friday - why is it 2 day Bank Holiday weeks always feel twice as long?!

    Victoria xx

  2. Ooh that tea looks so scrummy! Best friends are so wonderful aren't they? Looking forward to seeing mine again soon in a month or so... think I I may have to do some research and see if there is anywhere I can take her for afternoon tea too xx

  3. What a lovely way to celebrate your friend's birthday! Looks like such a fab place too. Hope your Craft Fair went well!

    Hugs, Estelle xx


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