The Torch Relay...

Hey Everyone...

I know this is very belated (as a lot of my posts are recently) but time has just been getting away from me! I have so much to blog about - but this post means a lot!

Back before the Olympics even began (can you believe it is over already?) the torch relay came to Finchley! We of course wanted to see it, but we had an extra special reason!

We took the afternoon off work, the sun was shining, and we got into the spirit of things with our flags and Coca-Cola drums...

And then the torch bearer arrived! Guess what? Our torch bearer was our good friend and best man Nick Tiller...

One of his friends had nominated him, as he is an amazing multi marathon runner, triathlete and iron man, raising lots of money for various causes! Here he is with my husband and his other friend...

His latest run was the Marathon Des Sables - a seven day multi marathon through the Sahara Desert - raising lots of money for a children's charity!

It was such a great moment to see the 'kiss' of the torch! Nick and the young torch bearer before him, played a game a thumb war as they handed over!

And off he went...

Of course he ran very fast - I barely managed to keep up to take pictures! The moment was over far too soon - but it really was a special moment, we were very proud of him, and of course  little jealous that he got to meet Boris Johnson & Rupert Grint - lol!

Jewel xXx


  1. I love the thumb war at the kissing of the torch, amazing :)
    It feels like so long ago that this all happened, I'm sad it's all over. But what a lovely memeory you have of it here x x x x

  2. Lovely pics and wonderful memories for you all xx

  3. How have I only just read this??!!!

    Good times :) xx



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