New Door To A New Life...

Hey Everyone...
I hope you are all well! I am sorry I have been so quiet, things have been rather manic since the wedding, and I haven't really found a new routine! Blogging has kind of been lost and forgotten. But as you may have seen I now have the means to make blogging easier - I finally have a laptop of my own again!
A few months ago my poor old laptop gave up the ghost and as we were saving for a wedding, I just couldn't afford a new one. I had to use The Husband's laptop to blog, and I would always feel bad sitting on it for ages when I knew he wanted to use it. But now - that's a thing of the past and I am going to make a big effort to get back on track.
Today I wanted to show you a little tada!
Most couples after they get married move into a new house (or at least traditionally they did). Well we already had our little flat, so to make it feel like new we decided to make over our front door.
Before it was a worn out horrible green (green is my least favourite colour) with nasty brass fittings...
I had to take a sneaky picture of our neighbours door as a before!
We decided (after looking at many a door) to paint ours a classy grey and replace the fittings with shiny silver new ones...
A new door for a newly married couple...
Love Jewel xXx


  1. What a lovely idea, a fresh new door for a fresh new life together! Fab!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  2. Great idea to update your front door following your marriage! I love the grey.

    Victoria xx


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