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Hey Everyone...

How are you all? I want to say a big thank you to all my commenters recently. I have felt a real increase in the lovely comments I've had and it has been so nice to read them all. Unfortunately, lots of you are no reply bloggers, and as my life is so hectic at the moment I struggle to reply to these people! So if you are a no reply blogger, I apologise for not replying, but please take a look at your settings and change them so that people can reply to your comments if you would like me to reply!

So how have your week's been? Mine is over already! I have taken two days annual leave to have a little mini break - and boy do I need it. Work has been so hectic, spilling over into my everyday life so I feel like I haven't stopped in weeks. Tomorrow, the fiance is taking me shopping, and I am stocking up on more fabric to make Christmas decorations.

Then on Friday - it's the big day! My second ever craft fair...

I am very excited, but also a bit nervous, as the last one didn't go so well. This one is only for 4 hours, so I'm trying not to expect too much, but they have had lots of publicity and there are lots of lovely sellers so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I will also be relaxing reading my latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine. I was starting to get worried that the magazine had less and less real projects, but this month's is the best yet! I have marked out lots of new projects to try, adding them to my ever growing list! 

We're also hoping to take a day trip somewhere, but struggling to decide where to go. So far we have either Oxford or Bath but it's likely to be bad weather! Anyone have any suggestions for either.

We were really disappointed to find out the Ally Pally fireworks have been cancelled this year, and so we are also looking for a different firework display to enjoy this weekend in London - any suggestions?

Then lastly, on Sunday I am hoping to finally have some time to start sewing some pretty Christmas decorations - *sigh* - I can't wait! 

Right I'm off to Make, Sew & Craft! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Jewel x


  1. Morning lovely! I'm so jealous of your long weekend - enjoy every second of it! Good luck tomorrow with your craft fair - my second one wasn't as good as the first, but I'm hoping the other ones I've got lined up will make up for that! I'm sure you'll do really well :)

    Bath is beautiful, and if they've got their christmas lights up (which is a big possibility!) then the streets will look beautiful - swags of fairy lights hung between the narrow streets, the works, I love it!

    What kind of decorations are you making? My bunting hasn't been touched yet...! xx

  2. You sound busy! Can you 'sound' busy? I think you can. Been Bath but never been Oxford so thats the one I would choose. Plenty of loveliness in the day and got to be plenty of nightlife at night with all those students!

  3. Hi, Jewel. I come to you from Susan's Tea Diary. I do love your photos that you have posted. I think that it is awesome that although you have a very busy life that you take time to also create. And how exciting; your SECOND Craft Fair!! Just enjoy as the day goes on; you will learn from the experience.
    Have a most lovely day,


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