Hey Everyone...

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween! I wish I could go trick or treating (my mum always used to say no, as she thought it was 'worshipping the devil' - although she is suspiciously more leniant with my nieces!)

Anyway, we had our little Halloween on Sunday evening. The fiance, who had never carved a pumpkin before, did the honours, and created a 'Jumpkin' - named after and carved to look like me. What do you think?...


Then we watched The Blair Witch Project together. Unfortunately, I have seen it quite a few times so it wasn't as scary anymore, but the fiance was frightened in the night and needed me to keep him safe - bless!

My actual Halloween was very sad. A great friend and work colleague had her last day with us at work. I baked some little bakewell tarts at her request to say farewell...

And used the leftovers to make a weird bakewell log for the fiance to try...

The tarts went down a storm, and we all went out for the evening to say goodbye to the lovely Ruth. I was close to tears as the evening drew to a close. She had even written a poem for us all, which had a lovely verse for each of us! I am already missing her so much, today work just wasn't the same. She has such a beautiful smile, and fantastic sense of humour that she always brightened up the room!

I wanted to write a little poem in return, but it has never been my strength, so here is my attempt...

Lovely Ruthie, how you made us cry,
When you told us all we had to say goodbye,
You made work such a pleasure,
And became to us a real treasure.

Wherever you go your smile will brighten,
And with your jokes, the mood you'll lighten.
Please don't forget to those you are dear,
News and stories we will be delighted to hear.

Goodbye dear Ruthie, we'll miss you so,
And things will change much when you go.
But your spirit and laughter will always be there,
From all that you gave us, such love and care.

Jewel x


  1. What a sweet pumpkin. I bought lots of choccie for our pumpkin bucket and we had one halloweener a little boy with a green mask which terrified my little T and he ended up in tears.

  2. What a lovely colleague you are !! The bakewell tarts look delish. The pumpkin is cool, we bought a green squash this year for a change :)
    twiggy x

  3. It's funny how many people think Halloween is begging or worshipping the devil!!!

    Victoria x

  4. Awww...that is a very sweet poem, i bet you made ruth cry too!
    goodbyes are always hard but sounds like she will always be a special friend
    love jooles x

  5. just found your blog!! have a look at mine if you have a mo rach xx


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