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Hey Everyone...

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Mine has been fantastic - and I very rarely feel so enthusiastic about a weekend, so that must mean it was special. It all started on Friday. I happened to have taken the day of to have a long weekend. Then I happened to hear about a brand new Friday Market and couldn't resist...

One of the lovely ladies who runs it also runs my local WI which I was hoping to join, and she told me about it. 

I was very nervous, as my first fair last month didn't go very well. There was hardly any footfall and my small profit mostly came from friends and family. However, it did mean I didn't have much to do to prepare for this fair, which meant it was fairly stress free.

I got excited when we arrived and I started to set up my half a stall. Lucky I had lots of bar space behind me so the half stall was big enough!

Here it is all set up...

I was sharing with a lovely lady called juliette who is in the same boat as me, running her lovely soap business as a hobby outside working 9-5 Monday to Friday! It was so nice to hear from someone who knew what it felt like to be trying to make a small business work on top of everything else.

Together we also agreed to share a stall at the WI's Christmas craft fair - The Frost Fair, which is what I had been originally enquiring about when this market was suggested!

This fair was so different to the last. The venue was fantastic, and full of potential customers, including lots of lovely mums, who wanted to buy my wares. I offered to deliver any orders of my personalised items for free, so they could order them now if I didn't have them on my stall. This was a fantastic idea (suggested by the fiance) as I took 6 orders. I also sold some tea cup candles and a noticeboard, giving me a nice profit overall.

It would have been pretty much perfect if I had also sold a frame, but a few people took a card and said they were considering placing an order for a personalised frame, so I am a very happy girl.

Unfortunately, I can't do another of these markets as I usually work on a Friday. Otherwise I would have  booked straight into the next one. Instead I have the fabulous Frost Fair to look forward too, and today I have started preparing my sewing some Christmas decorations. 

I have spent all morning sewing and I will blog all about it soon! 

A very happy and smiley...

Jewel x


  1. Juli your stall looks so pretty. I am so pleased this fair was a success for you.

  2. So pleased this one was more successful for you! When and where is the Frost Fair then?? Am interested in any in North London as my in-law lives that way, so if it co-incides with a visit to her then I could maybe pop in for a nosey!

  3. Glad it went so well for you - I am sure as time goes on things will get better, and you will learn which are the best outlets.

    Pomona x

  4. This is fab news, so pleased to hear that it was a success, Go you :) x x x x

  5. I'm glad your second fair was so much more successful!!

    Victoria xx


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