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Hey Everyone...

I am so sorry I have been neglecting you all again! Things have been so hectic at home, but that means I have lots to tell you about.

Firstly, the good news I mentioned in my last post! I am now able to tell you all that I have an exciting new job! It will mean a step up the pay ladder, and more responsibility. It's also an new area that I have never worked in before. If you didn't know I am an assistant psychologist, and in my new job I will be working with forensic patients, but also conducting research with the police! I can't wait to start, as half the week I will be working in central London, next to Buckingham Palace.

Yep, I'll be waving hello to the queen in the morning, after my walk through lovely green park! I am hoping I will enjoy the work and it will be fantastic experience for me as well as a new challenge.

Since I last wrote, I have also had a lovely delivery! My new IPHONE! I finally caved in and got one (with a lovely deal thanks to my lovely friend!) and am already hooked!

This is partly why I haven't blogged, as I have finally left the fiance in peace on his laptop and been using my iphone for all things internet related. However, I'm not quite skillful enough to use it to blog - yet! If you have any recommendations for apps I should download, and any advice on stopping my battery running down in less than 8 hours I would greatly appreciate it!

Thursday was also a big day! I went to try on my ACTUAL wedding dress! It came into the shop a while ago, and I decided I wanted to see it before my fitting which won't be until April! Luckily, I still loved it, as I hadn't seen it in over a year. It was so lovely to see how it looked when it fitted properly, especially the back!

Unfortunately, the moment was slightly ruined by my mum (who is rather opinionated about my tiara) who was arguing with me in front of the sales lady. I came out feeling rather awful and I still haven't really recovered. The veil is also a bit too light, meaning I have to order more samples, go back to the shop to check them, and then try to transfer my 'non-returnable' veil! Wish me luck. Luckily my dad did make me feel better! After seeing the dress for the first time he told me that when my niece sees me in it, she will say I am a princess, which brought a tear to my eye!

Last night was a big goodbye to an old work colleague who is moving home to Australia on Wednesday. We had a lovely meal out, but it was really hard to say goodbye. It's the second workmate of mine to move back abroad, and I will really miss her!

So what else has been keeping me busy!? Well today I spent the day catching up on my sewing of Christmas presents! I have finished 4 today and also used the little pegs I showed you in my last post to make a little advent calendar, which I will show you soon!

Whilst I was sewing, the fiance cut out all of our wedding invitations that we printed, and then we decorated them and now they are ALL FINISHED ready to send out in the new year! It's such a relief and we're really happy with them, especially as they are so personal to us!

We also heard from our venue what our menu choices are for the reception and in the new year we will be going for  a menu tasting to make our decisions, which is really exciting. Not long now!

More things that have kept me busy - the fiance's dad's birthday, writing my clinical application (at last - but it's still not finished), seeing friends, seeing the fiance play a gig at Proud, Camden and making stock for my next craft fair!

Here's the fiance in action...

Phew! I feel knackered just trying to remember it all!

I apologise for the word heavy post, but now we are all caught up, I promise to be better! Next time I will also show you some pictures! Promise!

Jewel x


  1. Wow, congratulations on your new job! It sounds amazing!!

  2. Lot's going on!

    Glad you've joined the iphone gang! I love mine!

    Sorry the wedding dress fitting was a bit stressful though!

    Victoria xx

  3. What a lovely post to read, sounds very exciting!


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